• author: Gerald Croes
  • author: Laurent Jouanneau
  • copyright: 2001-2005 CopixTeam, 2005-2008 Laurent Jouanneau Some parts of this file are took from Copix Framework v2.3dev20050901, CopixI18N.class.php, http://www.copix.org. copyrighted by CopixTeam and released under GNU Lesser General Public Licence. initial authors : Gerald Croes, Laurent Jouanneau. enhancement by Laurent Jouanneau for Jelix.
  • copyright: 2008 Julien Issler, 2008 Yannick Le Guédart, 2008 Dominique Papin
  • link: http://www.jelix.org
  • contributor: Julien Issler, Yannick Le Guédart, Dominique Papin
  • licence: GNU Lesser General Public Licence see LICENCE file or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html
  • filesource: Source Code for this file
Class Description
jBundle a bundle contains all readed properties in a given language, and for all charsets
jLocale static class to get a localized string

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