Class jIncluder


This object is responsible to load cache files.

Some jelix files needs to be compiled in PHP (templates, daos etc..) and their correspondant php content are stored in a cache file. jIncluder verify that cache file exists, is not obsolete, and if not, it calls the correspondant compiler. And then include the cache.

  • author: Laurent Jouanneau
  • copyright: 2001-2005 CopixTeam, 2005-2006 Laurent Jouanneau
  • licence: GNU Lesser General Public Licence see LICENCE file or . few line of code are copyrighted Copyright 2001-2005 CopixTeam (LGPL licence) and piked from CopixInclude class of Copix 2.3dev20050901 framework. initial author : Laurent Jouanneau

Located in /core/jIncluder.class.php (line 65)

Variable Summary
static array $_includedFiles
Method Summary
static void inc ([ $aSelector = ''], jISelector $aSelectorId)
static void incAll (array $aType)
static array $_includedFiles = array() (line 71)

list of loaded cache file.

It avoids to do all verification when a file is include many time

  • access: protected
static inc (line 83)

includes cache of the correspondant file selector

check the cache, compile if needed, and include the cache

  • access: public
static void inc ([ $aSelector = ''], jISelector $aSelectorId)
  • jISelector $aSelectorId: the selector corresponding to the file
  • $aSelector
static incAll (line 134)

include a cache file which is the results of the compilation of multiple file sotred in multiple modules

  • access: public
static void incAll (array $aType)
  • array $aType: aType = array( 'compilator class name', 'relative path of the compilator class file to lib/jelix/', 'foo.xml', // file name to compile (in each modules) 'foo.php', //cache filename );

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