Declare all differents classes corresponding to main jelix selectors

a selector is a string refering to a file or a ressource, by indicating its module and its name. For example : "moduleName~resourceName". There are several type of selector, depending on the resource type. Selector objects get the real path of the corresponding file, the name of the compiler (if the file has to be compile) etc. So here, there is a selector class for each selector type.

  • author: Laurent Jouanneau
  • copyright: 2008 Julien Issler
  • copyright: 2005-2010 Laurent Jouanneau, 2007 Loic Mathaud, 2007 Rahal
  • copyright: 2007 Thibault PIRONT
  • copyright: 2008 Baptiste Toinot
  • link: http://www.jelix.org
  • licence: GNU Lesser General Public Licence see LICENCE file or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html
  • contributor: Baptiste Toinot
  • contributor: Julien Issler
  • contributor: Rahal
  • contributor: Thibault PIRONT < nuKs >
  • contributor: Loic Mathaud
  • filesource: Source Code for this file
Class Description
jSelectorFactory Create instance of selectors object
jISelector interface of selector classes
jExceptionSelector Exception for selector errors
jSelectorModule base class for all selector concerning module files
jSelectorActFast Special Action selector for jcoordinator Don't use it ! Only for internal purpose.
jSelectorAct Generic Action selector
jSelectorClass selector for business class
jSelectorIface selector for interface
jSelectorInterface selector for interface
jSelectorLoc selector for localisation string
jSelectorDao Selector for dao file syntax : "module~daoName".
jSelectorTpl Template selector
jSelectorZone Zone selector
jSelectorForm Form selector
jSelectorSimpleFile base class for simple file selector
jSelectorVar Selector for files stored in the var directory
jSelectorCfg Selector for files stored in the config directory
jSelectorTmp Selector for files stored in the temp directory
jSelectorLog Selector for files stored in the log directory
jSelectorLib Selector for files stored in the lib directory

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