• author: Croes GĂ©rald, Patrice Ferlet
  • copyright: 2001-2005 CopixTeam, 2005-2007 Laurent Jouanneau This classes were get originally from the Copix project (CopixEvent*, CopixListener* from Copix 2.3dev20050901, http://www.copix.org) Some lines of code are copyrighted 2001-2005 CopixTeam (LGPL licence). Initial authors of this Copix classes are Gerald Croes and Patrice Ferlet, and this classes were adapted/improved for Jelix by Laurent Jouanneau
  • link: http://www.jelix.org
  • contributor: Laurent Jouanneau, Catsoup
  • licence: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html GNU Lesser General Public Licence, see LICENCE file
  • filesource: Source Code for this file
Class Description
jEvent Class which represents an event in the event system

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