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Non-professional contact : laurent at jelix.org.

Jelix authors and contributors

Jelix is a framework originally designed and developed by Laurent Jouanneau. He still develops and leads the project, but more and more developers contribute to the project.

Here are developers of the Jelix Team (they are “commiters” on the github repository), by alphabetic order:

  • Olivier Demah (FoxMaSk)
  • Julien Issler
  • Bastien Jaillot (bastnic)
  • Yannick Le Guédart (Torgan)
  • Kévin Lepeltier (lipki)
  • Loic Mathaud (bballizlife)
  • Dominique Papin (bibo)
  • Christophe Thiriot (Doubleface)

Other contributors: (by alphabetic order)

  • Vincent Bonnard
  • Cedric
  • Uriel Corfa
  • Dandelionmood
  • Antoine Detante (aka antoinefr)
  • F. Fernandez (aka e-media)
  • Mickaël Fradin (aka mike)
  • Olivier Gambier (aka d-m-p)
  • Gildas Givaja (aka Giviz)
  • Frédéric Guillot (aka fg)
  • Florian Hatat (aka flh)
  • Nicolas Jeudy (aka njeudy)
  • Nicolas Lassalle
  • Hugues Magnier (aka BaGroN)
  • Aubanel Monnier
  • Thibault Piront (aka nuks)
  • Laurent Raufaste (aka analogue)
  • Rahal
  • Philippe Schelte (aka dubphil)
  • Warren Seine (aka SooW)
  • Christian Tritten
  • Yann
  • Sylvain de Vathaire (aka sylvain261)

For more details about all contributors, see the CREDITS file

You can also contribute ! Contact us throw the forum or our IRC channel : #jelix on irc.freenode.net.

Web site contributor

  • webmastering, design: Laurent Jouanneau
  • logo : Sylvain Lelièvre
  • content : Laurent Jouanneau, Loic Mathaud and others..
  • English translation of the documentation : M. Thiriot, L. Jouanneau, D. Papin and others…
  • English documentation maintaining : Xavier L. (aka afroxav)
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