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Non-professional contact : laurent at jelix.org.

Jelix authors and contributors

Jelix is a framework originally designed and developed by Laurent Jouanneau. He still develops and leads the project, but many developers contribute to the project.

Main contributors comes from the 3liz company :

  • Michael
  • Raphael
  • Nicolas

Many other developers contributed heavily to the project in the past. By alphabetic order:

  • Olivier Demah (FoxMaSk)
  • Julien Issler
  • Bastien Jaillot (bastnic)
  • Yannick Le Guédart (Torgan)
  • Kévin Lepeltier (lipki)
  • Loic Mathaud (bballizlife)
  • Dominique Papin (bibo)
  • Christophe Thiriot (Doubleface)

Other contributors: (by alphabetic order)

  • Vincent Bonnard
  • Cedric
  • Uriel Corfa
  • Dandelionmood
  • Antoine Detante (aka antoinefr)
  • F. Fernandez (aka e-media)
  • Mickaël Fradin (aka mike)
  • Olivier Gambier (aka d-m-p)
  • Gildas Givaja (aka Giviz)
  • Frédéric Guillot (aka fg)
  • Florian Hatat (aka flh)
  • Nicolas Jeudy (aka njeudy)
  • Nicolas Lassalle
  • Hugues Magnier (aka BaGroN)
  • Aubanel Monnier
  • Thibault Piront (aka nuks)
  • Laurent Raufaste (aka analogue)
  • Rahal
  • Philippe Schelte (aka dubphil)
  • Warren Seine (aka SooW)
  • Christian Tritten
  • Yann
  • Sylvain de Vathaire (aka sylvain261)

You can also contribute ! Contact us throw the forum or our IRC channel.

Web site contributor

  • webmastering, design: Laurent Jouanneau
  • logo : Sylvain Lelièvre
  • content : Laurent Jouanneau, Loic Mathaud and others..
  • English translation of the documentation : M. Thiriot, L. Jouanneau, D. Papin and others…
  • English documentation maintaining : Xavier L. (aka afroxav)

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