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Dev builds

Here are dev builds of Jelix. dev builds are the last development versions, and contain last improvements and bug fixes. These packages are built at each commit. (See changelog).

You can also install them with Composer: package jelix/jelix.

important: when you update jelix, don’t forget to clean your application temp directory, and follow instructions to migrate from the previous version (see manual).


Improvements and bug fixes for the future Jelix 2.0 since Jelix 1.8.x. (still in development)

1.9.x Branch

Developpement of Jelix 1.9.

1.8.x Branch

Improvements and bug fixes since the last stable release of Jelix 1.8.


For Jelix 1.7 and higher, modules are available with Composer or as zip package, on Packagist. See also https://booster.jelix.org/

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