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Jelix is an open-source PHP framework for web applications


Discover Jelix

Since 2006, Jelix offers sustainable solutions for your website and application projects:

  • An architecture in reusable modules: capitalize on your development
  • An MVC logic and a structured organization of files for easy maintenance
  • Plugins to extend jelix components
  • Many simple APIs
  • A performance core for exigent web sites

Getting started

Quality and strength

  • Forms validation, CSRF & XSS defense, SQL injection prevention
  • Thousands unit tests on Jelix components
  • An advanced error management, following used formats/protocols

Accelerate your developments

Jelix brings Scripts for CLI to generate code.

The framework have modules providing an administration interface, an interface to manage users and rights.

Many other modules and components can be installed with Composer, and provide advanced features.

Some Jelix components are independent and are usable into any projects.

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What's new since Jelix 1.8.0

# 07/03/2024, Laurent.

There was no news on this web site since the release of Jelix 1.8.0, But it will change, since we've got a new module to manage news ;-).

It's the time to recap what's happened in the last year.

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