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Jelix is an open-source PHP framework for web applications

A strong framework


Since 2006, Jelix offers sustainable solutions for your web site and application projects:

  • An architecture in reusable modules: capitalize on your development
  • An MVC logic and a structured organization of files for easy maintenance
  • Plugins to extend jelix components
  • Many simple APIs
  • A performance core for exigent web sites

Fast and easy developments


Jelix offers components and tools to develop faster:

Use modules and plugins available on on Packagist. Use some components outside Jelix.



The framework provides several components: an ORM, a form system, a template engine, an event system, an authentication, a rights management...

Without forgetting the multi-language and management of graphic themes.

Easily develop your Web services, whether REST-Full, SOAP, xml-rpc, ajax etc.

Quality and strength


A robustness at all levels:

  • Security first : in forms, authentication...
  • An advanced errors management, following used formats/protocols
  • Thousands unit tests on Jelix components
  • PHPUnit integration for your own tests



A quick and easy deployment thanks to the installation and update system of Jelix.

Do you release your application to wide audience? Configure the wizard of jelix, and your application is installed and ready to use in few clicks

Choose Jelix!


The users of the community of jelix, and a professional support (in France), are here to assist you in using the framework.

From the web site of millions visitors a day, to the intranet application or the e-commerce store, hundreds of projects are based on Jelix. Why not yours?


Mini tutorial
To discover Jelix
Full manual
Online to learn concepts and the use of components
Detailled reference of APIs
Enter in the core of Jelix
Independent components
List of components usable without Jelix.


Enjoy plugins and modules from the community to boost your projects
Ask your questions on the forum
Live discussion with your preferred IRC client or on the web site


Jelix on Github!
Fork and propose improvements
Issues tracker
Report bugs or feature requests


Release of Jelix 1.7.11 and 1.6.37

# 06/03/2022, Laurent.

Jelix 1.7.11 and 1.6.37 are available. These versions fix some compatibility issues with PHP, and bring some internal improvements. The 1.7.11 version brings more:

  • some bug fix into the installer
  • the possiblity to force the reload of JS/CSS resources in browser, after an update of the application for example, thanks to a parameter added automatically to their urls, and generated after the clearing of the configuration cache.
  • the support of macro in templates
  • the improvements of possibilities to overload widgets of jforms, allowing to redefine only the generated HTML. It allowed for example to easily adapt widgets for the AdminLTE theme used into the adminui module.

For more informations about these releases, read the changelog of Jelix 1.6 and the changelog of Jelix 1.7.


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