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This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.8.0 version.

Jelix 1.8.3

Released on october 24th, 2023

It fixes some bugs, but it brings also some new features.

  • New method setHtmlAttributes() on the jResponseHtml class, to set attributes on the <html> element.
  • New method getFileResponse() in jController to ease to return a file as a response
  • jauthdb_admin module:
    • New event jauthdbAdminAfterUpdate when properties of a user has changed.
    • Fix: uploaded files should be saved after the events jauthdbAdminAfterCreate and jauthdbAdminAfterUpdate, so listeners can save uploaded files into directories other than into the default one.
    • Use a jForms form to change a password
    • Add a formOptions template variable in templates displaying forms of jauthdb_admin, so other modules can add options for jforms widgets.
    • new events jauthdbAdminPasswordForm and jauthdbAdminCheckPasswordForm for the password form
  • jauthdb:
    • possibility to authenticate with the email or the login, if there is a configuration parameter authenticateWith=login-email.
    • the section auth_<driver> is now merged with the <driver> section of auth.coord.ini.php, so we can redefine some configuration parameter of the <driver> section, into localconfig.ini.php for example.
    • new method getDao() on the jAuth db driver
  • new class jAuthPassword to check the strength of a password or to generate a random password
  • new jforms widget: password_html for secret controls. Adds a “view” button aside the input.
  • new jforms widget: passwordeditor_html for secret controls. It checks the strength of the password, by calculating the entropy, and by comparing the edited password against a list of the most used passwords. Adds also three buttons: a “view” button, a “regenerate” button, and a “copy” button.
  • jForms: fix generated JS into choice, upload2 and group widgets
  • new method jAcl2DbUserGroup::renameUser()
  • new configuration parameter to set default value for the Return-Path header into jMailer.
  • Fix debugbar: elements at the same level of the debugbar were not clickable
  • Fix jDb: support of double quotes around schema names into search_path
  • Fix jDb: jDbSchema for Postgresql did not find table in schemas having upper case letters.

Improvements and bug fix from Jelix 1.7.17:

  • Fix regression into jFormsBase::getModifiedControls(): some controls like submit were considered as modified although it does not make sens
  • Fix regression into the debugging of jMailer: the output was not made anymore into logs
  • Fix error in create:dao command with nullable fields
  • Fix jforms choice widget, display control value: add a space betwen label and value.
  • Fix some PHP warning about passing null values to htmlspecialchars
  • Fix the version into the JELIX_VERSION constant. It was not updated in the latest release.
  • Fix the migration 1.6→1.7 of configuration file of entry points.

Jelix 1.8.2

Released on july 30th, 2023

  • Fix the display of the debugbar, when having long lines

Improvements and bug fix from Jelix 1.7.16:

  • Support of a default Reply-To header into jMailer
  • new method ConfigurationHelpers::updateEntryPointFile()
  • new method InstallHelpers::updateEntryPointFile() and InstallHelpers::removeEntryPoint()
  • Update header of API documentation
  • Fix Jelix\Utilities\utf8_* functions
  • tests: fix error into the ldap docker image at startup
  • tests: fix a warning in upgraderValidityTest with PHP 8.2

Jelix 1.8.1

Released on may 30th, 2023

  • jEvent: support of any classes for listeners. The name of listener into the events.xml can be the full name of a class. The class must have a namespace and must be autoloadable.
  • jDao: records can now extend from any classes. The extends attribute can now contain a class name instead of a record class selector. The class must have a namespace and must be autoloadable.
  • jEvent: fix loading of listener. They were instantiated at each notification.
  • jacl2db: fix a bug when a right is forbidden. All rights were set to “forbid” when a 'view' rights was forbidden.
  • jacl2db_admin: fix applying forbidden state on “view” rights.
  • installer: fix default module configurator, it did not load installation parameters and then, installers didn't have calculated parameters.
  • Upgrade PHPMailer to 6.8
  • Upgrade jQuery to 3.7.0
  • Upgrade Datatables to 1.13.4
  • Upgrade Ckeditor to 38.0.1

Jelix 1.8.0

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