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1.8 branch

The latest release of the 1.8 branch is 1.8.2. (see the changelog).

Jelix is available under the LGPL licence. So you are free to install, to use, to modify and to distribute them. You can also use them to develop an application which is not free, although Jelix remains free and should be always redistributed under the terms of the LGPL licence.

End of life of this branch: 2026.

To install Jelix, you should use Composer. Create a composer.json file, declare the jelix/jelix package or the jelix/jelix-standard package (it has more modules), with the version 1.8.2, and launch Composer to install the package. See the manual for details: Creating an application.

For example:

mkdir mynewproject
cd mynewproject
composer init
composer require "jelix/jelix-standard:~1.8.0"

If you prefer to install Jelix with a traditional zip/tar.gz package, click on the following link:

This package contains Jelix and all vendors librairies (not need to install Composer).

important: when you update jelix, don’t forget to clean your application temp directory.


Jelix packages provide only english and french translations.

To install other languages, download lang packages from https://download.jelix.org/jelix/langpacks/jelix-1.8/ .

Unzip them into app/locales/ directory of the Jelix application you develop, or into var/locales of a Jelix application you installed, as a user.

API Reference

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