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Independent components

Some components of Jelix are available separately and usable without Jelix. Install them via Composer, from http://packagist.org. Some of these packages are automatically installed by the package jelix/jelix.

The template engine jTpl

jTpl is based on the Castor template engine (since Jelix 1.7)

composer require "jelix/castor"

Database abstract layer

The library JelixDatabase is an external version of jDb. It will be used in futur version of Jelix.

composer require "jelix/database"

The profile system is also available : JelixProfiles

composer require "jelix/profiles"

Ini files

Classes to read and write ini file (by preserving comments), can be installed with the package jelix/inifile

composer require "jelix/inifile"

Version comparator

To parse and compare versions with Composer expressions, you can use the package jelix/version

composer require "jelix/version"

Properties files

Jelix 1.7+ is using the library properties-file to read an write properties files, used for locales.

composer require "jelix/properties-file"

Other libraries

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