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Release of Jelix 1.8.0

# 04/17/2023 Laurent.

A new major version of Jelix has been released. It brings new features like :

  • support of stream into binary reponses
  • new method helpers into controllers for redirections
  • better support of usage of xmlHttpRequest with forms
  • some improvements into the ACL component
  • The event dispatcher follows PSR-14
  • improvements and more robustness into the installer and configurator components

No API-breaking changes, so the upgrade from Jelix 1.7 is easy.

Release of Jelix 1.7.11 and 1.6.37

# 06/03/2022 Laurent.

Jelix 1.7.11 and 1.6.37 are available. These versions fix some compatibility issues with PHP, and bring some internal improvements. The 1.7.11 version brings more:

  • some bug fix into the installer
  • the possiblity to force the reload of JS/CSS resources in browser, after an update of the application for example, thanks to a parameter added automatically to their urls, and generated after the clearing of the configuration cache.
  • the support of macro in templates
  • the improvements of possibilities to overload widgets of jforms, allowing to redefine only the generated HTML. It allowed for example to easily adapt widgets for the AdminLTE theme used into the adminui module.

For more informations about these releases, read the changelog of Jelix 1.6 and the changelog of Jelix 1.7.


Release of Jelix 1.7.8, 1.6.34, and of 21 translations

# 08/01/2021 Laurent.

Thanks to contributors of https://www.lizmap.com, we now have several translations for modules bundled into Jelix, as well as for modules like jCommunity or ldpadao. Documentations of Jelix 1.6 and 1.7 have been updated to explain how to install them.

We continue to maintain Jelix 1.6 and 1.7. So we released new versions, fixing some bugs. Read the changelog of Jelix 1.6 and the changelog of Jelix 1.7.


Release of Jelix 1.7.4 and 1.6.28

# 06/09/2020 Laurent.

New maintenance release are available for the maintained branches.

They fixes many bugs and brings some little improvments.

Read the changelog of Jelix 1.6 and the changelog of Jelix 1.7.


Release of Jelix 1.7.2 and 1.6.25

# 10/27/2019 Laurent.

This week, new maintenance versions have been released: Jelix 1.7.2 and Jelix 1.6.25

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Release of Jelix 1.7.0

# 09/10/2019 Laurent.

Few years after 1.6, Jelix 1.7.0 is available. Many improvements have been made!

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The Jelix project for the year 2019

# 01/03/2019 Laurent.

In October 2018, a maintenance version of Jelix 1.6 was released: version 1.6.19. The end of the support of the 1.6 branch was planned to be ended at the end of 2018. But as Jelix 1.6 is still used in critical applications, and Jelix 1.7 is not released yet, the support is extended to december 2019!

Latest tests are currently being done on the version 1.7, as well as the update of its documentation. A release candidate is planned in January, and the final release is planned in March 2019.

Happy new year!

Jelix 1.6.17 is available

# 04/18/2018 Laurent.

The support of Jelix 1.6 continues, and this new version brings some new little features.

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Release of Jelix 1.6.16 and its support is extended

# 01/14/2018 Laurent.

Some improvements and bug fixes are available into the new maintenance release of Jelix 1.6. The support of this branch is also extended to december 2018.

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Release of Jelix 1.6.14

# 02/15/2017 Laurent.

A new maintainance version is available for Jelix 1.6. In short: bugs fixes, compatibility with PHP 7.1, and new plugins (redis_ext, sqlsrv and ReCaptcha)

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Release of Jelix 1.6.13

# 01/05/2017 Laurent.

This version fixes a serious regression appeared into the previous version 1.6.12, released yesterday. POST parameters were not available anymore for controllers, from the request object.

Release of Jelix 1.6.12 and 1.5.8

# 01/04/2017 Laurent.

A new version is available for both branches 1.6 and 1.5. They update PHPMailer, in which some security holes have been discovered ( CVE-2016-10033 and CVE-2016-10045). If your application sends mails, you must update Jelix.

Update on 2017-01-05: Jelix 1.6.12 has a serious regression about request parameters. Please use 1.6.13 or higher instead of 1.6.12.

Release of Jelix 1.6.11

# 11/10/2016 Laurent.

Maintenance of Jelix 1.6 is still active and Jelix 1.7 is almost ready for a release candidate.

Jelix 1.6.11 brings some bug fixes, and the possibility to connect to Mysql with SSL.

Release of Jelix 1.6.10

# 09/22/2016 Laurent.

This version fixes a regression appeared in Jelix 1.6.9 released last week. And it fixes also some few bugs.

Support of Jelix 1.6 extended

# 09/16/2016 Laurent.

The end of life of Jelix 1.6 was expected in february 2017, so bug fixes and security fixes were not provided beyong this date. However, the release of Jelix 1.7 has been delayed (it is planned before the end of the year), and developers won't have many time to migrate.

This why the support of Jelix 1.6 is extended by one year, until february 2018.

Update 01/16/2018: support extended until december 2018.

Release of Jelix 1.6.9

# 09/13/2016 Laurent.

If you use PHP 7, Jelix 1.6.9 is the version you should use : it fixes some issues with PHP 7. It has also some bug fixes in the installer, about the database checker, and also in the datepickers of jForms. Finally, Jelix 1.6.9 is less talkative into logs, about authentication persistence in jAuth.

Release of Jelix 1.6.8

# 06/13/2016 Laurent.

Jelix 1.6.8 is available. It fixes some issue and regressions, but it also brings improvements in the Redis plugin for jCache and jKvDb. There is also a new plugin "dbcache" for jAcl2, that stores rights in a cache.

Release of Jelix 1.6.7

# 04/13/2016 Laurent.

Jelix 1.6 receives new bug fixes and improvements today.

This release fixes a bug on persistent authentication cookie of jAuth, and a bug on datepickers in forms loaded via ajax. You now have a new plugin Redis for jCache, and some improvements into the syslog plugin of jLog, which uses now syslog php functions.

Release of Jelix 1.6.6 and 1.5.7

# 02/08/2016 Laurent.

New maintenance versions are available for 1.6 and 1.5 branches. Note that version 1.5.7 is the latest one of its branch, as branch 1.5 is not maintened any more from now. You are strongly encouraged to migrate to 1.6.6.

Version 1.6.6 brings some bug fixes, but also some improvements on jforms, where you can now use the "criteriafrom" attribute on "class" datasource, and on jDb, where you can now indicate services for postgresql connections. Jelix 1.6.6 should now runs on PHP 7 without issues.

Release of Jelix 1.6.5

# 10/27/2015 Laurent.

Following other branches releases yesterday, a new maintenance version of the branch 1.6 has been released. It fixes some few bugs, and brings improvements, like the removal of the dependency between the jauthdb_admin module and the jauth module, allowing to use jCommunity with master_admin.

Release of Jelix 1.5.6 and 1.4.8

# 10/26/2015 Laurent.

Two new versions, 1.5.6 and 1.4.8, are available for 1.4 and 1.5 branches. They fix two bugs on authentication. One of them is about an infinite redirection occuring in some cases.

You should note the end of the maintenance of the branch 1.4. There will not be anymore releases for this branch, and you should migrate to Jelix 1.6 (Jelix 1.5 reaches its end of life on next February).

Jelix 1.6.4 is available

# 06/03/2015 Laurent.

A new maintenance release 1.6.4 is available. It fixes minor bugs, a serious bug in the OCI driver for Oracle databases, and brings some improvements in the admin user interface, allowing to developers to personnalize with ease. See the full changelog. And you'll find the package in the download section.

Release of Jelix 1.6.3, 1.5.5 and 1.4.7

# 02/24/2015 Laurent.

New maintenance version of Jelix are available: Jelix 1.6.3, Jelix 1.5.5 and Jelix 1.4.7.

They fix some minor bugs and brings few minor improvements. It is listed in changelogs and you are encouraged to update your applications with these versions.

Get new packages into the download section.

In the Github repository, in all branches, you have now a Vagrant configuration: you can contribute more easily, and launch tests in a virtual machine, without installing tons of software on your machine!

Release of Jelix 1.6.1 and other maintenance versions

# 09/24/2014 Jelix Team.

New maintenance version of all active branches are available: Jelix 1.3.9, Jelix 1.4.6, Jelix 1.5.4 and Jelix 1.6.1.

As usual, you are encouraged to update your applications with these versions. They fix some bugs. Read changelogs to know which bugs are fixed. You can get new packages into the download section.

Warning: the 1.3 branch reaches its end of life. There won't be updates for this branch after October 2014. If you still use Jelix 1.3, Upgrade your applications to a newer branch.

Jelix 1.6.0 is available

# 06/20/2014 Jelix Team.

Jelix 1.6 brings enhancements like in the display of form data, the renaming of the main configuration file of Jelix applications, or the new configuration file localconfig.ini.php for environment.

Pre-release of Jelix 1.6.0

# 03/02/2014 Jelix Team.

Jelix 1.6.0RC2 has been released today. You can test it and report bugs before the finale version of Jelix 1.6.

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Release of maintenance versions

# 09/23/2013 Jelix team.

New maintenance version of all active branches are available: Jelix 1.2.13, Jelix 1.3.8, Jelix 1.4.5 and Jelix 1.5.3.

As usual, you are encouraged to update your applications with these versions. They fix some bugs. Read changelogs to know which bugs are fixed. You can get new packages into the download section.

Note that the 1.2 branch reaches its end of life. There won't be updates for this branch after December 2013. If you still use Jelix 1.2, Upgrade your applications to a newer branch ;-)

Critical bug fix in last versions of Jelix

# 03/22/2013 Laurentj.

A critical bug has been discovered in latest maintenance version released two days ago, in branches 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.

This is a regression in jUrl::getCurrentUrl(), that causes endless redirects when authenticating (after the end of a session).

Please upgrade your application to Jelix 1.5.2, 1.4.4 or 1.3.7.

New maintenance releases of Jelix

# 03/20/2013 Jelix Team.

Today we released new maintenance version of all active branches: Jelix 1.2.12, Jelix 1.3.6, Jelix 1.4.3 and Jelix 1.5.1.

You are encouraged to update your applications with these versions. They fix many bugs. Read changelogs to know which bugs are fixed. You can get new packages into the download section.

UPDATE 2013-03-22: Jelix 1.5.1, 1.4.3 and 1.3.6 contain a critical bug. Some new versions 1.5.2, 1.4.4, 1.3.7 have been released.

Jelix 1.5.0 is available

# 02/20/2013 Jelix Team.

Modernity comes into Jelix with this new version: HTML5 by default for the html response object, PHP 5.3 support, more scalabilities and modularities...

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Jelix 1.5.0RC1 is available for tests

# 01/21/2013 Jelix Team.

You can download a pre-version of Jelix 1.5.0. Install it, test it, and even try to migrate your project based on Jelix 1.4 to this version! Help us by reporting all issues you'll find.

In the source code repository, a new branch "jelix-1.5.x" has been created. Propose your bug fixes on this branch.

Release of Jelix 1.2.11, 1.3.5 and 1.4.2

# 12/29/2012 Laurentj.

Today we released maintenance version of all active branches. They fix some various non critical bugs. Thanks to Kena, Catsoup, Brice and Charles for their contributions.

See the Download page and changelogs.

Jelix News, december 04th, 2012

# 12/04/2012 Laurent.

Jelix 1.5 is on the right way. A beta should be released during this month.

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Release of Jelix 1.4.1, 1.3.4, 1.2.10

# 10/29/2012 Jelix team.

Some new versions on active branches of Jelix are available, including bugs fixed and a new hash method to store passwords in jAuth.

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Jelix news - Oct. 9, 2012

# 10/09/2012 Laurent.

Jelix 1.4 has been released one month and more ago. What happend since this date? Many things!

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Jelix 1.4 is available!

# 08/30/2012 Jelix Team.

A new major version of Jelix is released today. It proposes numbers of new features. Try it!

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Release of Jelix 1.2.9 and 1.3.3

# 08/24/2012 Jelix team.

Two new maintenance version of Jelix are available: 1.2.9 and 1.3.3. You can upgrade safely your application based on Jelix 1.2 or 1.3.

Thanks to Brice, Philippe, Michgeek and Charles for their patchs and other contributors who reported bugs.

PDF of manuals are back

# 07/14/2012 Jelix Team.

Since the migration of our documentation to a new system, we didn't have anymore PDF generated from our documentation contents.

This issue has been fixed today! You can now download PDF of manuals for Jelix 1.3.2, Jelix 1.2.8, and even for Jelix 1.4b1.

Don't forget that your can contribute to our documentation system and to the documentation itself

Release of Jelix 1.2.8

# 06/16/2012 Jelix Team.

A new maintenance version of Jelix 1.2 is available. You can upgrade safely your application based on Jelix 1.2.

Thanks to Brice for his patch and other contributors who reported bugs.

Test Jelix 1.4 beta!

# 06/09/2012 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.4 is almost finished. A beta is now available, including many improvements: HTTP cache support, virtual templates, autoload system for module, preferences etc...

Don't hesitate to test this version, and to report bugs.

Release of Jelix 1.3.2

# 05/17/2012 Jelix team.

With a delay, here is a new maintenance release of Jelix 1.3, the version 1.3.2, with its set of bug fixed.

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Manuals have been moved

# 04/15/2012 Jelix team.

Our current wiki system (Dokuwiki), doesn't allow to do masssive changes and to edit by being offline.

So we decided to move the source code of manuals to Github.

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End of life of Jelix 1.1 and new maintenance policy

# 03/23/2012 Jelix Team.

After 3 years of maintenance, the branch 1.1 of Jelix is now closed. And lengths of maintenance of branches have been changed.

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Jelix News 2012-03-16

# 03/16/2012 Jelix Team.

These last week there were many activities on the repository, with improvements made by 6 contributors.

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Jelix News - 2012-02-10

# 02/10/2012 Jelix Team.

As usual, here a summary of the project life during these last weeks.

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Jelix 1.2.7 is available

# 01/28/2012 Jelix team.

A new version is available in the download area, for the 1.2.x branch. You can update your jelix 1.2.x applications without modifications.

It fixes a issue during the check of some data types in jForms. Whitespace are now ignored (except for simple strings).

It fixes also a serious bug: an infinite loop could be start when some errors were triggered.

All details of changes here.

Jelix news - 2012-01-09

# 01/09/2012 Jelix team.

First, Happy new year everybody!

During last weeks, some works have been done on the bug tracker and in the Jelix itself of course.

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Release of Jelix 1.3.1

# 12/18/2011 Jelix Team.

A maintenance release for Jelix 1.3 is available. Few bugs have been fixed, and the test environnement have been updated to work with PHPUnit 3.6. Thanks to Catsoup, Charles R, Frank and Nesswaw for their contributions on these version.

See all details of changes and the download page.

New mailing lists

# 11/20/2011 Laurent.

As you may know, Berlios.de will be closed at the end of the year. So our project page will not be there anymore. We already migrated all services, except mailing lists.

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Jelix 1.3 is available!

# 10/19/2011 Jelix Team.

After months of development, of tests and stabilization, the new version of jelix is available.

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Jelix news - 2011-10-03

# 10/04/2011 Jelix team.

End of the migrating of web site to the new server; Release of jelix 1.26 and 1.3RC3; Booster is opened.

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A new jelix web site: Booster

# 09/29/2011 jelix team.

The Jelix team is pleased to announce the release of a new project called Booster.

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Jelix news - 2011-09-03

# 09/16/2011 Laurent.

What happen this week: server failure, new server, and documentation improvements...

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Security: New releases in all branches

# 09/07/2011 Jelix team.

An XSS vulnerability has been discovered in the template of the login form of jauth. The fix is very simple: the eschtml modifier on the $login variable. You should correct that in your template if you have overrided this template.

New versions have been released for each branch: 1.0.14, 1.1.11, 1.2.5, 1.3RC2. For the last two version, other bugs have been fixed and contain few improvements.

You should upgrade your applications ;-)

Release of Jelix 1.3RC1

# 08/29/2011 Jelix team.

The first release candidate of Jelix 1.3 is available. There are many little improvements and bug fixed since 1.3b1. Don't hesitate to try it and to help us by telling us bugs you'll find. The manual is also available, online or in PDF format.

Let's move to Git and Github

# 08/20/2011 Jelix team.

Sources of Jelix are now managed with Git and hosted on Github.

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Release of jelix 1.2.4 and 1.1.10

# 08/15/2011 Jelix team.

Maintenance releases are available for the 1.2 and 1.1 branches. They fix few bugs and a regression on jForms and the upload control.

List of changes for Jelix 1.1.10 and for Jelix 1.2.4.

Test the beta of Jelix 1.3

# 06/03/2011 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.3 beta is available on the download page. This is the opportunity for you to discover all new features.

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New releases: Jelix 1.1.8 and Jelix 1.2.2

# 04/07/2011 Jelix team.

Maintenance versions of stable branches have been released: Jelix 1.1.8 and Jelix 1.2.2. Just replace your lib directory with the new files.

Download archives here. Changes details: 1.1.8, 1.2.2.

HavefnuBB 1.4 is released

# 04/06/2011 Laurent.

A new version of the forum HavefnuBB, based on Jelix, is availabled! It comes with many performance improvements, a better independency in modules, so you can re-use them easily in your own application, and it is based now on Jelix 1.2. So HavefnuBB 1.4 used features of Jelix 1.2, like its new installation wizard and its new installation system.

Notice that the website jelix.org uses HavefnuBB, although it is not yet updated with this new 1.4.

Go on havefnubb.org to download this fresh release

Jelix 1.2.1

# 02/02/2011 Jelix team.

A maintenance version of Jelix 1.2 is available. Read the changelog, download it, and update your jelix installation ;-).

Update: a regression has been found. Download the new version.

Jelix 1.2 is released !

# 12/22/2010 Jelix team.

Almost two years after the release of Jelix 1.1, here is a new major version of the framework.

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Jelix 1.2 RC3 is available

# 12/03/2010 Jelix team.

A new release candidate for jelix 1.2 is available. It fixes many bugs. Try it !

Jelix 1.2RC2 and its manual

# 11/06/2010 Jelix team.

The second release candidate of Jelix 1.2 is available today. Some bugs have been fixed since the 1.2RC1. You can retrieve it here.

The manual is now complete and ready! You can download a PDF version on the download page.

Don't hesitate to correct the manual (it's a wiki) or to indicate bugs on jelix 1.2.

Jelix 1.2 RC1 is released !

# 10/26/2010 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.2 is approching and it almost reaches the "stable" quality level.

Download and try Jelix 1.2RC1 and let us know the latest bugs you could find !

Next days, we will work on the manual.

Release of Jelix 1.1.7

# 10/09/2010 Jelix team.

With some weeks of late, here is a new maintenance version of Jelix 1.1. It fixes many bugs as you can see on the changelog. You can safely update your applications to jelix 1.1.7. Download here.

Jelix 1.0.13 and the end of life of the 1.0.x branch

# 09/26/2010 Jelix team.

A new maintenance version for the branch 1.0.x is released today: Jelix 1.0.13. This is the last release for this branch, which is now closed.

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Release of Jelix 1.2b1

# 06/09/2010 Jelix team.

The development team of Jelix is happy to offer you a beta version of Jelix 1.2. It has many improvements, like a new installation system for application and modules.

Don't hesitate to read the list of changes and the documentation about migration of a jelix 1.1 application to 1.2, before to download this new version and to test it.

We're waiting after your comments and your bug reports !

Release of Jelix 1.0.12 and 1.1.6

# 03/27/2010 Laurent.

New versions from 1.0 and 1.1 branches are now available. You can update as usual.

However, for Jelix 1.1.6, if you store sessions in a database, you have to remove the jsessions table and to recreate it with the given sql script, because of a wrong type of a field. The new type is a binary type. This is why we add support of binary fields in jDao and jDb. You can use this type in your own daos.

The forge will close in few weeks

# 02/23/2010 jelix team.

The team who develop web sites of jelix.org has no more enough time to maintain and improve the forge. So this web site will be closed at the end of March. Projects can move to other public forge (bitbucket, github) which provide better services. We will replace the forge by a smaller web site, which will list all existing modules and plugins. Stay tune.

Release of jCommunity 0.2

# 02/09/2010 Laurent.

jCommunity is a module which allow you to bring user management on a portal. Users can then register themselves on your application, can edit their profile, can retrieve a new password if they lost it etc.

The version 0.2 is just released and brings many new enhancements on templates, on forms, and allow a better interactivity with other modules through many new notification with jEvent, the event system of Jelix.

New hosting

# 11/29/2009 Laurent.

We have a new server, and the migration of the web sites of the project, from the old server, begin this evening and will end we hope before next saturday .

So this week, you may know difficulties to access to the web sites (portal, developer, forge...) and other services of the project (mercurial/subversion repositories, rss feeds ...).

Sorry for the inconvenience. You can follow the migration on http://identi.ca/jelixfmk/

Release of Jelix 1.0.11 and 1.1.4

# 11/14/2009 Laurent.

With some late, maintenance versions of stable branches are now available, and fix minor bugs. To update from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4, you will have perhaps some minor changes in your code. However, to update to 1.0.11, you won't have any change to do.

All details of changes are here for 1.0.11 and here for 1.1.4.

Migration to Mercurial

# 07/23/2009 Laurent.

The Jelix project doesn't use anymore Subversion to manage the source code. It uses now Mercurial.

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Release of Jelix 1.0.10

# 06/29/2009 Laurent.

A new version of the 1.0.x branch is released today, to fix a syntax error appeared in the release of Jelix 1.0.9, in jDao component.

Release of Jelix 1.0.9 and 1.1.3

# 06/17/2009 Jelix Team.

As usual, we released maintenance versions for each active branches. Jelix 1.0.9 contains only few minor bug fixes. However, Jelix 1.1.3 contains more bug fixes, and two critical issues in the admin modules for jAcl2 and jAuth. You are strongly encourage to upgrade your jelix 1.1.x.

All details of changes are here for 1.0.9 and here for 1.1.3.

Release of Jelix 1.0.8 and 1.1.2

# 04/02/2009 Laurent.

Two updates for the same price ! We have released two maintenance versions of the branch 1.0.x and 1.1.x. In both releases, some few bugs are fixed, in particulary some javascript issues with jforms and browsers like IE and Safari, and a potential security issue with jDaoConditions.

The 1.1.2 version improves the design of the master_admin module, and it fixes a major bug with jforms and its security system against CSRF (some errors could appear).

You are encouraged to upgrade your jelix installation. All details of changes are here for 1.0.8 and here for 1.1.2.

Note that some new versions of the manuals in PDF are available too.

Jelix 1.1.1

# 03/02/2009 Laurent.

This new version of Jelix fixes some bugs of Jelix 1.1. One of them is a critical one : in the case of a bad jelix-scripts.init.php file, the use of jelix-script command can result to a deletion of all your files (and more if you run it with an administrator account). You are strongly encouraged to upgrade jelix 1.1 to 1.1.1.

Jelix 1.1 is available

# 02/16/2009 Laurent.

A new stable release of Jelix is available ! Take advantage of improvements in the form system jForms and in the template engine. Take advantage of the new SOAP support, of the new rights system jAcl2, of all new utilities classes and many other improvements in the framework. See the full list of changes, and read the manual.

Release of Jelix 1.1RC3

# 01/12/2009 Laurent.

Here is probably the latest release candidate for Jelix 1.1. It contains mainly some improvements, like the missing module jauthdb_admin to manage users, and a new option in the configuration for sessions: loadClasses. Some few issues have been fixed also, like rights on temporary directories. See details of all changes.

Download and try it !

1.1RC2 and 1.0.7 releases

# 01/02/2009 Laurent.

For the begining of this new year, here are two releases of Jelix:

This new release candidate contains many bug fixes, but also many little improvement, and a new module: master_admin. You can use this module and the new dedicated jelix command initadmin to create easily a web interface for the administration of your application.

Try it !

And Happy new year !

Jelix 1.1RC1 is available !

# 12/08/2008 Jelix Team.

The first release candidate of Jelix 1.1 is available.

All new features in 1.1RC1 are now polished and tested ! It is a great time to adopt it. Or if you have an application based on a previous version, migrate it.

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The PDF of the manual is available !

# 11/23/2008 Laurent.

Good news: the manual of Jelix 1.0 is now complete ! You can read it on the web site, or you can download the PDF version.

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Jelix 1.0.6

We carry on releasing maintenance versions of Jelix 1.0 with today the release of Jelix 1.0.6. As usual it fixes minor bugs. You can upgrade from Jelix 1.0.5 without modification of your applications.

Read the changelog here.

First beta of Jelix 1.1

# 09/28/2008 Laurent.

The first beta of Jelix 1.1 is available. This is time for you to test all new features !

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Jelix 1.0.5

# 07/24/2008 Laurent.

As we do periodically, here is a new maintenance release of Jelix 1.0 : Jelix 1.0.5. It fixes some minor bugs. Read the list of this bug fixes. You can upgrade from Jelix 1.0.5 without modification of your applications.

Note also that the online documentation has been improved again.

Jelix 1.0.4

# 06/02/2008 Jelix Team.

A new version of the stable branch of Jelix has been released: Jelix 1.0.4.

It fixes some few minor bugs. This stable version is more and more stable ;-)

Dev news #3

# 04/25/2008 Jelix Team.

A month after the last news on developments, it's the time to inform you about latest improvements on the future 1.1 version.

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Jelix 1.0.3

# 04/06/2008 Jelix Team.

A new version of the stable branch of Jelix has been released: Jelix 1.0.3.

It fixes some few minor bugs and add few improvements, especially in the createapp command. This command now creates an application with a start page, a personnalized response and a main template. This start page shows also if the configuration is ok. Read the new mini-tutorial to see this changes.

Dev news #2

# 03/25/2008 Jelix team.

Here what append last week on the project.

First Christophe Thiriot is now a "commiter". Welcome in the Jelix Team !

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Weekly status

# 03/19/2008 Jelix team.

Each week, we will try to inform you about improvements made in the futures versions of Jelix. Here are those made this last week.

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Jelix 1.0.2

# 02/14/2008 Jelix Team.

Jelix 1.0.2 is available for download. It fixes few minor bugs so you can upgrade safely from Jelix 1.0.1. See details of the changelog on the dedicated page. Notice that the documentation has been improved very much !

The planet of jelix is open

# 02/01/2008 Laurent.

A planet for Jelix has been created. For the moment, there isn't registered blog. So if you talk about jelix in your blog, send an email to laurent at jelix dot org.

Jelix 1.0.1

# 01/21/2008 Laurent.

A new version of Jelix has been released. This is a "bug fix" release, so you can update safely from Jelix 1.0. It fixes a vulnerability in phpMailer (jMailer), some minor bugs and add few enhancements. See the page which explains all.

Release of Jelix 1.0

# 01/09/2008 Jelix team.

After two years of development, the version 1.0 is available in the download repository ! Thanks to all contributors which have helped to improve, to fix some bugs, to discover bugs or to write some documentations.

Press release

Second release candidate for Jelix 1.0

# 01/03/2008 Laurent.

Some few bugs have been fixed since the release of Jelix 1.0RC1. This is why a second release candidate is now available : Jelix 1.0RC2.

Release candidate for Jelix 1.0

# 12/18/2007 Laurent.

A first release candidate for Jelix 1.0 have been released : Jelix 1.0RC1.

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Release of Jelix 1.0 beta 3.1

# 10/19/2007 Laurent.

A new stable version of Jelix has been released today : 1.0 beta 3.1 version. It fixes many bugs of the beta 3 version. Many of them have been found by contributors which are more and more numerous. There are also some improvements in the CRUD controller, so it is more usable now. Beta 3 users can migrate to Beta 3.1 without problems.

Note also that the API reference (in HTML) can now be downloaded as a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta 3

# 09/18/2007 Jelix team.

A new stable version of Jelix has been released, bringing important new features!

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The forge is open

# 07/27/2007 Laurent.

The Jelix forge has opened today. This web site allows to developers to host their projects about jelix modules, jelix plugins, their application based on jelix or other development tools for Jelix.

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Jelix supports GoPHP5

# 07/10/2007 Jelix Team.

logo goPHP5Jelix already supports some of PHP 5.2 features when you make your own Jelix build with "5.2" as value in the PHP_VERSION_TARGET building parameter. But default builds availabled in the download repository are made for PHP 5.0 and later. However, this will not be the case at the latest, the February 5th, 2008. Jelix Developers agreed with the GoPHP5 campaign recommendations, which encourages both PHP projects and web hosts to support only PHP 5.2 and later. So, next February 5, 2008, Jelix will officially support all php 5.2 features and default avalaibled packages will be built for PHP 5.2 or later.

Dragon CMS use Jelix

# 06/27/2007 Laurent.

The content management system Dragon-CMS, which is still in development, use now Jelix for its server part. The particularity of this CMS is that it have two parts : a client part which is a XUL application ran by XulRunner, installed on the desktop, and a server part which is responsible to display the web site and to offer web services for the XUL client, to manage the content.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta2.1

# 04/28/2007 Jelix Team.

A new version of Jelix is released. It fix only two blocking bugs on 1.0 beta 2 version. It is recommanded to replace this version by this new 1.0 beta 2.1. See changelog.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta2

# 04/16/2007 Jelix team.

The second beta of Jelix 1.0 has been released today. It fixes many bugs and contains new features.

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Disruptive innovations sponsorize Jelix

# 03/19/2007 Jelix team.

Jelix team is happy to announce the sponsoring of the project by Disruptive Innovations. The development will be faster and professional support will be available.

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Over-blog.com has choose Jelix

# 03/06/2007 Jelix team.

Over-blog.com is one of the most important french blogging platform, with more than 534,000 blogs and 5 millions of viewed pages a day. The Developers of Over-blog have choose Jelix for the future version of their web site.

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Release of the first beta of Jelix

# 01/23/2007 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.0 beta 1 has been released and is available in the download section. This is the first version which is called "stable", at the core level. Next improvements will be mainly on utilities classes.

Don't hesitate to test jelix, and report to us bugs and improvements ideas. We need also help on the documentation.

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