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Trace: 1.6.x

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.6.0 version.

Jelix 1.6.40

Released on february 28th, 2023

  • Fix loading of jFormsControlUpload2 in OPT edition
  • Fix exception into jInstallerComponentModule, again.

Jelix 1.6.39

Released on january 23th, 2023

  • Fix installer: useDbProfile must not change the profile name
  • jMailer: new value "unencrypted" for secure_protocol
  • Fix error “two few arguments” during call of some error handlers
  • Fix an exception into jInstallerComponentModule

Jelix 1.6.38

Released on september 20th, 2022

  • closed.html can now be stored into var/themes/
  • Replace the use of deprecated utf8_* functions
  • jDb: New option session_role in profiles for pgsql to set session role
  • Fix: jFormsUploadControl2 was missing from the package
  • Add a facet filterHtml to jDatatypeString

Jelix 1.6.37

Released on may 30th, 2022

  • Fix compatibility issues with PHP 8
  • jforms, image selector: support of “auto” for width and height of the dialog
  • New jApp::setApplicationInitFile() to indicate an application.init.php file
  • Fix jforms javascript: selection was loose when reloading a menulist via XHR
  • jacl2db_admin: fix CSS to stick headers of the rights table
  • new method jAuth::getReasonToForbiddenPasswordChange() and new interface jIAuthDriver3

Jelix 1.6.36

Released on march 14th, 2022

  • Fix jauthdb_admin: it should call jAuth::canChangePassword() when needed
  • Fix jForms, formfull widget: display correctly checkboxes
  • Fix jForms: separate each item of checkboxes/radioboxes by new line
  • Fix jForms: Fix some HTML issues into choice, imageupload and upload2 widgets
  • Fix jForms: Fix dynamicFillData when there is an empty value
  • Fix: Error pages should not require authentication
  • Fix jacl2db: the id_aclgrp field should be bigger than the login field
  • Fix core configuration: the retrieval of the documentRoot was bad
  • Fix entrypoint installation: support require without parenthesis

Jelix 1.6.35

Released on december 13th, 2021

  • jForms
    • support of option widgetsAttributes on the form tag. With this option, we can indicate attributes to set on widgets. Useful when you don't have a ctrl_control tag for a specific widget on which you want to set attributes.
    • Fix control time in jforms_light.js: bad month/day values
    • fix setting of default attributes in upload widgets
    • fix autoload of jFormsControlImageUpload
    • fix some issues into upload2 and imageupload widgets
    • fix the algorithm to guess modified controls with uploads
    • fix a JS error when closing the image editor dialog
    • fix the label of the cancel button of the image editor dialog
  • jAuth
    • Add hooks on the login form template. It allows to other modules to add content on the login form, like buttons to use other authentication methods.
    • jAuthDb installer should be able to use compatible drivers. If some authentication module have their own driver but are using the same dao/table of jAuthDb, jAuthDb should be able to create default user when needed.
    • Fix the jauth~login:form controller when after_login is jauth~login:form
  • jAcl2
    • jacl2db_admin: add title on the pages
    • Fix jacl2db sql upgrade script about jacl2_group.code
    • Fix jacl2db sql upgrade script about rights for anonymous users
  • jDb
    • Fix mysqli connector: execMulti did not return errors. When the given sql scripts fails, there was not an exception, contrary as it is expected.
  • Core
    • Support of <name>.class properties in the coordplugins section of the configuration. It allows to specify a class if its name is different from *CoordPlugin.
    • Backport support of localframework.ini.php. It allows for modules installers to declare a new entrypoint. Installers should call the new method createEntryPoint().
    • Fix jelix upgrade script about availableLanguageCode
  • jTpl
    • Fix number_format modifier with decimal point value, when '' is given
  • Utils
    • Backport some features of \Jelix\IniFile into jIniModifier
  • Installer
    • jInstallerBase::createEntryPoint() should set the path to application.init.php
  • Fix typo in some locales
  • Fix the load of some classes with some tools like phpstan
  • Fix the file2 driver for jKvDb
  • Fix some doc comments
  • Rename namespace jelix by Jelix. No consequence on your code, but it helps to generate a better reference documentation

Jelix 1.6.34

Released on july 30th, 2021

  • Fix the installer during the setup of the module access
  • Fix jResponseHtml::addJsLink: possibility to setup the type attribute
  • Fix jauthdb_admin user creation: login name should be trimmed
  • Fix automatic domain name and port retrieval. In some Nginx configuration, SERVER_NAME may be initialized with the port, and so jUrl may generate some url with two port.
  • Fix crash in PHP 8 and warning in PHP 7.4 within jDb and the core
  • Translations are now available in several languages

Jelix 1.6.33

Released on February, 26th, 2021

Bug fixed

  • Fix php 7 compat issue in the memcache driver
  • Fix jacl2db_admin: missing translations
  • Fix command acl2right: forbidden rights were displayed as authorized rights
  • Fix acl2right command: subcommand to forbid a right was missing


  • jacl2db_admin: little improvements in the display of list of rights to be more usable
  • New option force_new in profiles for pgsql to force a new connection

Jelix 1.6.32

Released on February, 22th, 2021

Bug fixed

  • Fix various issues with PHP 8.0
  • Fix some dao locales that have a bad pattern for sprintf
  • Fix float to string convertion into jDb
  • Fix pgsql schema: should list only tables from the search_path

Jelix 1.6.31

Released on January, 13th, 2021

Bug fixed

  • Fix comparison of values in the jForms modified check
  • Fix many issues in the checking of admin rights in administration UI. There were some situation when the checking was badly done, so there were some possibility into the UI to remove completely admin rights.


  • jauthdb_admin: adding autocomplete to search users
  • jInstaller, module.xml: allow http: as well as https: into the namespace value

Jelix 1.6.30

Released on November, 23th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • Fix a compatibility issue with php 7.4 into command line scripts
  • Fix a issue in jAcl2 admin: an administrator could put himself into a group which forbid some admin rights, and so he was not an administrator anymore.
  • Fix a php error in listbox form widget
  • Fix basePath on the command line


  • New script to test the mailer configuration : php scripts/script.php jelix~mailer:test my.email[at]example.com.
  • New method jEvent::getParameters()
  • jforms: support of “time” controls (new class jFormsControlTime, and support of <time> in xml files)
  • jAcl2 admin: added confirmation to delete a group
  • jAcl2 admin: added a separator between groups in users list
  • New method jAuth::setUserSession()
  • New methods on jServer: getDomainName(), getServerURI(), getPort(), isHttps()

New contributor : Adrien Lagroy de Croute and Joel Kociolek

Jelix 1.6.29

Released on August, 17th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • Fix a regression in dbcache plugin for jAcl2
  • jDb schema: fix column comparison on autoincremented fields
  • Fix a security issue with return url of jAuth


  • new jAcl2::checkByUser(), to check a right for a non-connected user
  • Support of database name in Pgsql profile having a service name
  • new event jformsPrepareToFillDynamicList during dynamic fill of datasources. When a control is filled with an ajax request, we should be able to prepare the form, when this one is constructed dynamically.

Jelix 1.6.28

Released on June, 8th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • core: Fix jelix autoloader when there are similar namespaces. When a first namespace has a name that is the prefix of a second namespace, path to classes of the second namespace were badly resolved.
  • Fix http code when displaying the closing page
  • Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.28
  • jalc2 module installer: do not enable jacl2 plugin on command line scripts
  • js files for localizing datepicker were not loaded in the right order (Joel Kociolek)


  • core: add parameters for the session cookie into the configuration (cookieSecure, cookieHttpOnly, cookieLifetime, cookieSameSite), and is now httponly by default.
  • Core: allow file selectors to have - and _ in the file name
  • jIniMultiFilesModifier: add isSection() method like in jIniFileModifier
  • installer: new methods jInstallerEntryPoint::getSingleMainConfigIni() and getSingleLocalConfigIni()
  • jLocale: allow to store locales into <app>/app/locales, like in Jelix 1.7.
  • Sitemap: cache feature to store urls temporarly. Configure a “sitemap” cache profile, then call the hasUrlInCache() method in the controller. If it is true, the cache is still valid, and so just return the response object. If the hasUrlInCache() is not called, no cache is managed.

Jelix 1.6.27

Released on March, 24th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • Fix compatibilities issues with PHP 7.4
  • jDb: Fix support of FETCH_INTO into pgsql.dbresultset.php
  • jDb: Fix issue with prepared queries with pgsql driver
  • jDb: Fix issues in the SQLServer driver
  • jDb: Fix warning when closing a shared connection in postgresql


  • jforms: new widget imageupload
  • jforms: new widgets autocomplete and autocompleteajax
  • jInstaller: support of optional modules in dependencies

Jelix 1.6.26

Released on January, 29th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • Fix compatibility with Postgresql 12 in the pgsql plugin (about schema features)
  • Fix getAttribute() method in the pgsql plugin
  • Fix the cache of the configuration when the application is accessible with several domains
  • Fix CSS style into the upload2 widget (jforms)
  • Fix .htaccess for Apache 2.4


  • jMailer: Add smtp debug mode. New configuration property debugSmtpLevel

Jelix 1.6.25

Released on october 20th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • Fix jforms Date/DateTime widgets: they support more date format now
  • Fix jforms upload2: fix label of choice about 'no file'
  • Fix regression in deprecated builder of jforms, about JS/CSS links
  • Fix redis driver of jCache and jKvDb: replace deprecated Redis::delete() method by Redis::del()


  • jForms htmleditor: support of a $lang parameter in url from the configuration, to load js files corresponding to the current lang of the user
  • New stdout and stderr logger: log content can be output to stdout or stderr

Jelix 1.6.24

Released on july 23th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • jForms: fix the method showActivate()
  • Fix js choice in jForms: control of previous item was added to the next one
  • Fix jFormsControlUpload2 introduced into 1.6.23
  • Fix sqlsrv jDb driver: encloseName method is missing
  • Fix jDaoRecordBase::save(): did not save with the right profile in some cases
  • Fix jauthdb_admin, with user tables that have not login as primary keys


  • jResponseBinary: add the possibility to delete the file after sending it
  • jFormsBase:iniFromDao(): a Dao record can now be given as first parameter
  • Improve customization of jauthdb_admin, with new events and tpl variables

Jelix 1.6.23

Released on april 7th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • jForms: fix the date widget, when the value includes hours


  • jForms: new attribute 'controlclass' to indicate the class to use for the control
  • jForms: new control for uploads with enhanced management of previous file. To use this new control, use the <upload> tag with the attribute controlclass="jFormsControlUpload2".

Jelix 1.6.22

Released on march 14th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • Fix PHP 7.3 compat issue into jIniFile and jIniFileModifier


  • Some new jTpl plugins: fetchtpl, tolog, ifctrlexists
  • jForms: new widget to have a color picker. The use of this widget should be configured manually: {form $form, $submitAction, $submitParam, 'html', array('plugins'=>array('couleur'=>'color_html'))}
  • New methods on jEvent to retrieve easily boolean and item responses

Jelix 1.6.21

Released on january 30th, 2019

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jRequest: force HTTPS port when forceProxyProtocol is set
  • Fix installer: loading of profiles.ini.php was done without sections
  • Fix jauthdb_admin: when creating a user, there was not check if he already exists
  • Fix typo in locales for cache drivers
  • Fix installer: ignore new dependencies rules introduced for Jelix 1.7 into module.xml


  • jAuth: new method canChangePassword and new interface jIAuthDriver2 for authentication drivers
  • jAuthdb_admin: new events to prepare forms before checking: jauthdbAdminBeforeCheckCreateForm and jauthdbAdminBeforeCheckUpdateForm
  • Installer: support of upgrade_1_6.php for modules supporting both Jelix 1.6 and 1.7

Jelix 1.6.20

Released on january 17th, 2019

Bugs fixed

  • Fix pgsqlDbTable::_loadColumns with PgSQL 11
  • Fix internal plugin json_encode of jTplCompiler
  • Fix jAcl2DbUserGroup::getPrivateGroup() when there is no private group
  • Fix variable initialization into jImageModifier
  • Fix list of pages into the pagelinks plugin
  • Fix jDao: expression of values in update methods, was not generated entirely


  • New jelix script inifile.php. It allows to modifie an ini file from the commande line
  • CRUD controller: inject the record into the view template. It allows to access to some properties that are not into the form.
  • List of jQuery/jQueryUI files is entirely configurable. There is not anymore jquery.js filename or other jQueryUI filenames hardcoded into jforms plugins or other files. Path to these files are now indicated into the configuration, in a new jquery section.
  • Datepicker: add locales for jforms

Jelix 1.6.19

Released on october 21th, 2018

Bugs fixed

  • Fix object error in the command createentrypoint
  • Fix jForms errors output: check the control name in errors correspond to an existing control
  • jDb, Sqlite plugin: fix sql function for 'now' alias name
  • Fix jDaoRecordBase::save(): it didn't use the profile used to retrieve the record
  • Fix jVersionComparator: support more version scheme


  • support of a script install_1_6.php for modules that should have an installer compatible with Jelix 1.7 and 1.6.
  • support of a upgrade.php in modules to execute upgrade code at each new version of the module.
  • jForms: support of capture and accept attributes on <upload>
  • jForms: improvements on properties of HtmlBuilder and WidgetBase to ease the creation of new builders and widgets
  • new plugins for templates: dumptolog, vardump, ifctrl_value, json_encode, jurlpattern
  • New jFile::copyDirectoryContent()

Jelix 1.6.18

Released on july 11th, 2018

Bugs fixed

  • Fix performance issue in jInstaller
  • Fix jInstaller: it doesn't modify anymore entrypoint configuration file if it is not needed (about module access values)
  • Fix jForms: Error message for missing value in a field was not generated in JS when the field was not required.
  • Fix jEvent::inResponse(): it didn't returns the expected values
  • Fix template loader: it support the fallbackLocale option to find a localized template
  • Fix installer.php script:it should set an exit code > 0 when there is an error


  • Support of a new configuration file liveconfig.ini.php, to store parameters modified during the live of the application (like persistant_crypt_key)
  • pgsql driver: support of pg options for connection, in an new profile option pg_options
  • jDb/pgsql: improve error message when using a PG service
  • jAuth: allow to store driver name into the main configuration file (driver in the section coordplugin_auth).

Jelix 1.6.17

Released on 17 april 2018

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jDbSchema: unique constraint should be generated for auto incremented field not PK
  • Fix jDbSchema: fix alterColumn for pgsql
  • Fix jDaoDbMapper: should generate auto incremented columns with good not null/default value
  • Fix jDbColumn: equality should be made with native type
  • Fix jForms url for jelix~jforms:getListData
  • Fix jMailer with html template: links are expanded correctly in the text version
  • Fix jMailer when single strings are given to meta properties in a tpl
  • Fix jAuth: set url return only on GET method during logout
  • Fix jAuth: persistant cookie was never set
  • Fix jIniModifier: false value was saved as empty string instead of 'off'
  • Fix jDbPDO: 'mysqli' name as driver was not supported
  • Fix jacl2db installer: __priv_admin was not created
  • Fix jImageModifier: do not transform image when the loading has failed
  • Fix jImageModifier: better names of cache files, and store them into sub-directories. set use_old_cache_path=1 into the [imagemodifier] section to keep old storage naming
  • Fix jImageModifier: cache_url and src_url config parameters were not recognized when they contained https url
  • Fix output when jControllerDaoCrud::view fails to load the record
  • Fix installer of jtcpdf


  • New AuthChangePassword event when jAuth::changePassword() is called
  • jInstaller: better error messages about bad version number
  • jResponseHtml: new properties for IE mode, viewport and metas
  • jResponseHtml: new method addMeta() and outputMetaTag()
  • jRequest: new method isPostMethod()
  • jDaoConditions: add support of BETWEEN operator
  • jForms: support of placeholder default value in ctrl_control
  • jForms: possibility to redefine the html of the help on the form builder
  • jForms: possibility to configure a default error decorator for all forms
  • jForms: improved http errors when retrieving data for dynamic lists
  • jMailer: new debug mode, allowing to specify receivers and sender for every mails
  • jMailer: possibility to store SMTP credentials into profiles.ini.php
  • jInstallerBase::insertDaoData(): allowing to use data from an other module
  • Master_admin: check unchanged password for every users
  • Add support of http_method variable into format of error messages

Jelix 1.6.16

Released on January 15th, 2018

Bugs fixed

  • jDao: the grouby attribute on <method> elements is deprecated, as its implementation does not give predictable results and generated request are not supported by recent MySQL server (and any other databases). jDaoConditions::addItemGroup() is deprecated as well.
  • jForms with DAO datasource: no more unwanted labels for null or empty keys for choices (By Migratis)
  • jAcl2Db: no more errors when creating a role, a right, a user or a group when it does already exists
  • Fix support of HTTPS proxy in the URL generator, with the new configuration parameter forceProxyProtocol
  • ldap auth: replace deprecated ldap_sort() function
  • jDb: fix limitQuery for MSSQL when an order clause exists (by Mael)
  • Fix support of ssl_self_signed in jSoapClient in php 5.3
  • Fix support of PHP 7.2
  • Upgrade PHPRedis to 2.0.1 to fix a mispelled variable name
  • jEvent::inResponse(): fix processing of returned value other than arrays
  • Install scripts of jAcl2db and jelix module: no more errors when tables already exists


  • Db tools - new 'schema' option in getFieldList() for pgsql (by M. Douchin)
  • Full support of Postgresql, Sqlite3 and Mysql in jDbSchema, to create, modify or delete tables, columns, references…
  • New class jDaoDbMapper, allowing to create a table from a DAO file, in an installation script
  • New methods jDbTools::insertBulkData() and jInstallerBase::insertDaoData() to insert data easily, during installation
  • Possibility to configure the error logger to not output sensitive data into logs, with the new configuration option sensitiveParameters
  • Basic Significant Url engine: it is now possible to replace the module name in the url, with a new configuration section basic_significant_urlengine_aliases
  • Acl administration interface: it is not possible anymore to remove admin rights to a user it he is the only one user having these rights
  • jDao: support of the ilike operator in conditions (by Migratis)
  • New logger soapfile for SOAP logs

Jelix 1.6.15

Released on June 20th, 2017

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an error message in th sqlsrv driver
  • Fixed issues in the ldap driver for jAuth. It is now well tested with unit tests.
  • debugbar: fix some missing units and move prefixed properties in CSS (fixed by Julien I.)
  • jIniFile: chmod fix (fixed by Julien I.)
  • jResponse: remove Content-Length header when not needed in some responses. It may cause problems when the web server does gzip compression (fixed by Julien I.)
  • jClassicRequest: fix error when reading data from an empty request's body (fixed by Julien I.)
  • jDao: fix the order clause generator, to use names of properties instead of table/field names, for database other than OCI (by Maël)


  • jSoapClient: new profile parameter ssl_self_signed to allow self-signed certificates
  • jDbPDOConnection: limitQuery() is implemented for sqlsrv (by Maël)

Jelix 1.6.14

Released on February 14th, 2017.

Bugs fixed

  • Upgrade Php5Redis to 2.0.0, so now its classes are in a namespace, to avoid conflicts with classes provided by the Redis extension (PECL). The old classes are still available in Jelix but are not used anymore by the kvdb and cache plugins for redis.
  • kvdb and cache plugins for redis have been renamed from “redis” to “redis_php”. The upgrader of jelix update automatically your profiles file, but you should check if it is ok.
  • redis plugins: the flush() method should flush only the selected database
  • cli controllers: fix support of option values with a dash
  • jDb schema:
    • mysql(i) : fix support of references
    • sqlite(3) and pgsql: fix php errors
  • jDb tools:
    • oci driver: fix the retrieval of the sequence in the field list
  • jForms: code cleanup, fixed call of getValue() on controls
  • Config compiler: fix chmod during writing of the cache file
  • jAuth, lds driver: fix the call of an internal method
  • Many code cleanup has been made in many components and fix some potential issues
  • Fix the word 'profile' in translations
  • Fix some PHP 7.1 errors (in some jCache and jKvdb plugins)


  • fix many phpdoc comments
  • New Redis plugins, named “redis_ext”, for jCache and jKvDb, using the API of the Redis extension.
  • New experimental jDb driver, sqlsrv, for SQLServer, using the sqlsrv PHP API.
  • jForms: the captcha control is now configurable, so you can implement your own Captcha
  • New catcha plugin: Recaptcha

Jelix 1.6.13

Released on January 05th, 2017.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix regression in jClassicRequest, where request parameters of method POST were not anymore in the jClassicRequest parameters

Jelix 1.6.12

Released on January 04th, 2017.

Bugs fixed

  • Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.21 to fix security holes in PHPMailer
  • Fix visibility of some properties of jResponseXmlFeed


  • jRequest can now parse incoming JSON data, and so it can provide PHP values to controllers. However this behavior is deactivated by default, as some existing applications may parse themselves JSON data and so may not expect these already parsed data. To activate it (and this will be the case, by default, in Jelix 1.7), you should set the configuration property enableRequestBodyJSONParsing to on.

Jelix 1.6.11

Released on November 10th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • jSignificantUrlsCompiler did not read localconfig.ini, causing “module not found” issues
  • Fix installer: when a module was deactivated but still there, it stayed as activated into installer.ini.php
  • Fix PUT support for request content type other than url encoded
  • Fix dbcache plugin for jAcl2: it should escape invalid characters in the key
  • Fix bad path in jResponse in outputErrors()


  • Support of SSL connection in the mysqli plugin
  • Support of error action for ajax in auth plugin

Jelix 1.6.10

Released on September 22th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix variable typo in PDO SQlite db parser
  • Fix loading of jConfigCompiler in the url significant plugin
  • Fix Config compiler when there is no app:modules/ directory


  • Upgrade WikiRenderer to 3.1.8

Jelix 1.6.9

Released on Septembre 13th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • jAuth: does not generate an error any more at each request, about the persistant parameters when there are invalid
  • Fix PHP7 issue in jFormsBuilderHtml, jPrefManager
  • jDbParameters was forgotten from packages
  • Fix databases checking in the environment checker
  • Fix issue in datapicker js for concurrent ajax forms
  • Fix error on parameters in bindParam() method of the mysqli driver, with PHP 7


  • Experimental support of <module>.path in the modules section of the configuration

Jelix 1.6.8

Released on June 7th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • jAuth: the key to encrypt the content of the persistant cookie is now generated during the installation and is stored now in localconfig.ini.php
  • jAuth: on_error_sleep is now equals to 0, to avoid DDOS attacks
  • jAuth: fix the error about the missing of hash_equals
  • syslog plugin: fix syslog message type
  • db cache plugin: base64encoding parameter for sqlite db. For some sqlite version, it seems it doesn't support very well results of php serialization. This option allow to not store in binary content.
  • jForms: fix a regresssion in jFormsBuilderHtml
  • Fix performance issue in the config compiler
  • jInstaller: modifications on localconfig.ini.php were not saved automatically
  • locales: fix english typography
  • Fix jQuery path in the Wymeditor plugin.


  • jAcl2: new driver dbcache. It is like the db driver, but it also stores results in a cache via jCache to improve performance.
  • Redis plugin for jCache: support key prefixes with the new key_prefix option. The flush feature respects the key_prefix. You can then indicate how the flush should be made, as it could be very time consuming: directly, asynchronously with a redis list and a worker, or with a custom process that you provide and launches with a jEvent event.
  • Redis plugin for jCache: support db indexes with the new db option
  • Redis jKvDb driver: support of db index and key prefixes
  • jCache: allows char '/.-:' in keys. Modify cache file storage. For file driver of jCache, the tree structure of cache files has changed to have smaller path. file_name_prefix is now used as directory name, not prefix filename.
  • jauthdb_admin, list of users: a form has been added in the crud_list to have a direct access to a user
  • new method jInstallerEntryPoint::getEpConfigIni()
  • php5redis lib has been updated.
  • jIniMultiFilesModifier: new methods removeValue() and setValues()
  • jResponseBinary: now includes filename in headers for inline disposition

Jelix 1.6.7

Released on april 13th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • SECURITY, jAuth: cookie containing the token for persisting authentication was accessible from JS, so usable by malicious scripts (XSS issues)
  • jForms: datepickers were not initialized after the creation of a jForms form via an ajax request


  • jLog: syslog plugin has been modified to use the syslog function. Previous behavior is available in a new plugin legacysyslog
  • jCache: new plugin for Redis

Deprecated features

  • Because the mcrypt PHP extension is deprecated, the jCrypt class is now deprecated and will be removed in future release (1.7+). You should use instead openssl functions or the lib https://github.com/defuse/php-encryption for example.
  • The legacy builder of jForms (jFormsBuilderHtml) is now deprecated too. It will disappear in the next release (1.7).

Jelix 1.6.6

Released on february 8th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • Initadmin command: The jauth module was not installed anymore and issues appeared (#224, JulienI)
  • jForms: fix issues with fields that have “[]” in their name (#225, JulienI)
  • jForms: fix missing methods on legacy builders
  • jMailer: Fix “Reply-to” support from templates - regression after the PHPMailer upgrade (#223, JulienI)
  • Fix regression on jWSDL: bad WSDL url
  • fix jDatetime about RCF822 format and timezone: convertion should be done with the UTC +0000 timezone. Note that this fix may change dates in XML RSS feeds
  • jAuth: fix logout action: in some case, url for redirection was empty (#228, JulienI)
  • jTpl: fix compatibility with PHP7 (#230, JulienI)
  • jRequest::readHttpBody(): fix notice about missing CONTENT_TYPE
  • jDao : now methods using parameters for a 'in' condition, can accept single value. It will be used as an array of a single value.
  • jDb and posgresql: fix the support of bytea fields with Postgresql9.0+


  • jForms: support of “class” data sources for dynamic changes into menulist and listbox (#225, JulienI).
  • jDb: Allow to use a PostgreSQL service for connection instead of host/login/password (#235, Michael D.)
  • jAuth: be sure the session variable contains something

Jelix 1.6.5

Released on October 27th, 2015

Critical bugs

  • in jauth login::out(): Fix infinite loop after a logout in some cases


  • new method jCoordinator::execOriginalAction() allowing to know if the current action is the action corresponding to the requested action. I.e, to know if there was an internal redirection asked by a coord plugin
  • jauthdb_admin: remove dependency to jauth module to allow to use jcommunity

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jAuth: prevent timing attack on hash comparison
  • Installer: fix duplication of module parameters when set into localconfig.ini.php
  • Fix PHPMailer class loading

Jelix 1.6.4

Released on June 3d, 2015

Critical bugs

  • Fix issues in the OCI dao driver


  • master_admin menu: allow to have menu item opened to new windows. There is a new newWindow property on masterAdminMenuItem. If true, a link with target=_blank should be generated in the HTML menu.
  • master_admin menu: option in the configuration to not generate dashboard menu item. the option is disable_dashboard_menu in a master_admin section.
  • master_admin: a masteradminGetMenuContent listener can redefine an item. It just have to return an item with the id of an existing menu item.
  • sqlite3/sqlite plugins for jDb: support of absolute path to the database file
  • Upgrade phpMailer to avoid issues on recent PHP versions

Bugs fixed

  • Fix bad config file name in jInstallChecker
  • jDb: fix floatToStr conversion for large number. There was a trailing point
  • Jelix-scripts: fix some path having double slash
  • Fix jFormsControlChoice::getDisplayValue() which generated syntax errors.
  • jFile::unparseJelixPath() should take care about var/ path
  • Fix support of sqlite3 and mysqli in installWizard.
  • Minify plugin: do not minify https absolute path

Jelix 1.6.3

Released on February 24th, 2015


  • New method jApp::urlBasePath() to retrieve basePath from config
  • jForms: adds possibility to indicates attributes on {jformsubmit}
  • improvements from 1.5.5
    • Jelix-script: add the command name in error messages
  • improvements from 1.4.7
    • jWsdl is now able to generate WSDL taking account of a rootUrl
    • Improved the help of the acl2right command
    • Upgrade WikiRenderer 3.1.6 to fix issues with php 5.4+
    • Vagrant configuration for Jelix Contributors

Bugs fixed

  • Fix chmod on the compiled ini file
  • Fix jConfig: changes in main config was ignored for cache invalidation
  • jForms: remove display of stars of required fields when only displaying data
  • jDb pgsql driver: “SET AUTOCOMMIT TO OFF” is no longer supported in Postgresql >= 7.4
  • Fix notice during php cmd.php installapp
  • bug fixed from 1.5.5
    • Jelix-scripts: fix error with createmodule with -ep option
  • bug fixed from 1.4.7
    • Config compiler: fix cli incompatibility with Windows
    • Fix jelix-scripts: help doesn't display good options for createapp

Jelix 1.6.2

Released on november 7th, 2014


  • Support of busytimeout in sqlite3 plugin
  • jForms: choice items (li elements) have now an id and a class (jforms-selected and jforms-notselected)
  • jForms: group control can now have a checkbox
  • For contributors: a vagrant configuration is provided in the source code repository to allow to launch tests without configuration on the developer's machine.
  • Chmod can be defined in the configuration for all files created by Jelix
  • Testapp is now using PHPUnit 4.3 via Composer
  • A Vagrant configuration is provided in the reposiotry to ease the launch of tests

Bugs fixed

  • bug fixed in the datetime form widget
  • jForms - error decorator should erase list at verification start
  • jForms - error on group and choice is not reported any more when there is an error on their children
  • To fix issues with the jQuery version provided in Jelix 1.6:
    • Upgraded markitup to 1.1.14
    • Upgrade wymeditor to 1.0.0beta9
  • Fixed relaxng schema for jForms
  • Fixed a syntax error in the jTpl datetime plugin

Jelix 1.6.1

Released on September 23th, 2014


  • sqlite3 plugin for jDb : support of sqlite extensions

Bugs fixed

  • Fix: jException kept only the first line on multiline messages
  • bug fixed from 1.5.4
    • Fixed bug on template/other files compilation with opcode cache engines
  • bug fixed from 1.4.6
    • Fixed a variable issue in jBasicErrorHandler (xnathanx)

Jelix 1.6.0

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