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  • What does Jelix mean ? Nothing.
  • What is the logo representing ? It comes from a deep reflexion by his creator, Sylvain. :-)
  • When did the Jelix project start ? During the autumn 2005, and came out in January 2006 in pre-alpha version, when the site has been created.
  • How was born Jelix ? From a desire to break and improve many things in the Copix framework, existing since 2001. And because this project was nearly abandonned during several month when Jelix started.
  • Is Jelix then a fork of Copix ? Yes it is, but a large part of the code has been entirely rewritten and Jelix does not function the same way, even if the main principle are the same (modules, DAO, …)
  • Why a new framework in 2005 when there was “here your favourite framework” ? Because, on the one hand, Jelix started before this wave of new PHP frameworks, and on the other hand, the main author of jelix has worked a lot on Copix project and wanted to continue this work with his new ideas. Moreover, it makes possible to show a framework that is different from others.

License and copyright

On what license is Jelix available ? LGPL. GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The command-line scripts are under GPL.


  • How can I contribute to the Jelix project ? We need people to make the site evolve, complete the documentation and tutorials, realize “general” modules (ex: news, forum, …). Any help is welcomed.
  • I want to contribute to the code because I would like to make improvements, how can I do ? By consulting the Hackers' corner initially. Speak also with the developers (on IRC or in the forum, they can speak in french or english), they will give you information on the things to pay attention to, on the way of making modifications.
  • I made a modification and I would like to integrate it in the official version, how can I do ? You can fork our git repository on http://github.com/jelix/jelix and pull a request. Or you can submit a patch on our bug tracker.
  • I found a bug ! If you are sure of the bug, post it in the our bug tracker on github
  • There is a mistake in the documentation, I would like to complete the documentation : The documentation (and this page) is a wiki. Subscribe to the wiki and click on the “Edit” button to modify it.


  • Is it possible to use jDb, jDao separately from Jelix ? Yes, since 2020, they are available as a Composer package: JelixDatabase and JelixDao.
  • Can we use the template engine separately ? Yes, there is a standalone version of jTpl. Since 2015, it is called Castor and is available via Composer.
  • Jelix can't generate a page in the XXX format, how can I do ? You only have to create an object that derives from jResponse, which is able to generate a XXX document and to declare it in the configuration. Any contribution in this way is welcomed, by the way.


  • I made a site with Jelix, can I advertise about it? Yes, on this page
  • I made an application based on jelix, or a module or a plugin, where can I tell to the community this existing project ? You can discuss about it on the forum. You can also reference it on our dedicated web site for those things: http://booster.jelix.org.

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