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Test Jelix 1.4 beta!

# 06/09/2012 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.4 is almost finished. A beta is now available, including many improvements: HTTP cache support, virtual templates, autoload system for module, preferences etc...

Don't hesitate to test this version, and to report bugs.

Release of Jelix 1.3.2

# 05/17/2012 Jelix team.

With a delay, here is a new maintenance release of Jelix 1.3, the version 1.3.2, with its set of bug fixed.

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Manuals have been moved

# 04/15/2012 Jelix team.

Our current wiki system (Dokuwiki), doesn't allow to do masssive changes and to edit by being offline.

So we decided to move the source code of manuals to Github.

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End of life of Jelix 1.1 and new maintenance policy

# 03/23/2012 Jelix Team.

After 3 years of maintenance, the branch 1.1 of Jelix is now closed. And lengths of maintenance of branches have been changed.

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Jelix News 2012-03-16

# 03/16/2012 Jelix Team.

These last week there were many activities on the repository, with improvements made by 6 contributors.

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Jelix 1.2.7 is available

# 01/28/2012 Jelix team.

A new version is available in the download area, for the 1.2.x branch. You can update your jelix 1.2.x applications without modifications.

It fixes a issue during the check of some data types in jForms. Whitespace are now ignored (except for simple strings).

It fixes also a serious bug: an infinite loop could be start when some errors were triggered.

All details of changes here.

Jelix news - 2012-01-09

# 01/09/2012 Jelix team.

First, Happy new year everybody!

During last weeks, some works have been done on the bug tracker and in the Jelix itself of course.

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Release of Jelix 1.3.1

# 12/18/2011 Jelix Team.

A maintenance release for Jelix 1.3 is available. Few bugs have been fixed, and the test environnement have been updated to work with PHPUnit 3.6. Thanks to Catsoup, Charles R, Frank and Nesswaw for their contributions on these version.

See all details of changes and the download page.

New mailing lists

# 11/20/2011 Laurent.

As you may know, Berlios.de will be closed at the end of the year. So our project page will not be there anymore. We already migrated all services, except mailing lists.

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