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Trace: 1.2.x

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.2.4 version.

This branch reached its end of life. No more version will be released.

Jelix 1.2.13

Released on 19 september 2013

Bugs fixed

  • Soap: fix the parameters parser, to allow non-scalar parameters (khena)

Jelix 1.2.12

Released on 19 March 2013


  • jAuth: security improvement. New option session_destroy=on in the configuration of jAuth, to destroy the session after a jAuth::logout()
  • ticket #1483 - jauth listener: improved the actif field check. The value of this field in the user table can be either either '1', 'true', 'on', 'yes'.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed jAuth: the new hash method couldn't be used by app that don't use the jauth module
  • Fix #1503 - jDaoConditions should satinize order input
  • Fix #1496 - jforms, syntax error with generateHtmleditor when xhtml attribute is not true
  • Fix #1481 - let's have a default template for the check install zone so no error for language not supported by the jelix module.
  • Fix #1497 - offset error in jIniFileModifier when reading multiline values
  • Fix #1498 - jIniFileModifier should return an array for keys that are arrays. Warning: it may brake your code. Previous behavior was to return the first value.
  • Fix #1509 - Wrong HTTP status code with jTcpdfResponse. Default headers were not sent.

Jelix 1.2.11

Released on 29 dec. 2012


  • jacl2db_admin: little improvements on the screen allowing manage groups rights

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jDatatype: wrong regexp to extract mindata/maxdate in jDatatypeDateTime
  • jForms - deactivated lists inside a choice item was activated
  • Fixed a typo error in ldap driver for jAuth (Khena)

Jelix 1.2.10

Release date: 17 Oct. 2012


  • new hashing method in jAuth, using new password API of PHP 5.5 (a pure PHP implementation is provided in Jelix for other PHP version). It allows to store password in a more secure manner. Read the migration process if you want to use this new hashing method in your current Jelix 1.2 application.

Bugs fixed

  • In some tests (Brice Tencé)
  • In the installer, errors appearing during the temp cleanup are now catched and a readable warning message is displayed.
  • Fixed verbose mode in jelix-scripts, with the -v flag (Philippe Villiers)

Jelix 1.2.9

Release date: 24 Aug. 2012

Bugs fixed

  • Ticket #1476 - jDaoXmlException was not found when using the createclassfromdao command
  • jDaoConditions: the REGEXP operator is not supported by pgsql, added support for real regexp operators of pgsql
  • Ticket #1428 - dao - string delimiters in parameters for the IN operator in conditions, were not escaped in the compiled SQL query
  • To improve usability of forms, don't generate a token each time the form is displayed, but only per form id and per session… This was already the case when the form id was not numerical.
  • Ticket #1456 - jforms - dependent lists inside a choice were not dynamically updated

Jelix 1.2.8

Release date: 16 June 2012

Bugs fixed

  • Removed a E_STRICT message: jDbPDOConnection::lastInsterId should have the same signature of PDO:lastInsertId
  • Fixed inconsitencies in return values in some drivers of jKVDb
  • jTpl: meta was processed by fetch, even the meta method was called before. This is a regression since the fix for the ticket #1396
  • In CLI context, jRequest::getPort generated an error when retrieving SERVER_PORT.
  • jInifileModifier - section name with a '-' was not supported
  • ticket #1466, jDatetime gave bad results when parsing ISO 9601 dates with a timezone. original fix by LionelT
  • ticket #1460, sitemap response did not generate good urls
  • ticket #1464 - jTpl::fetch shouldn't add the template in processedMeta if the caller doesn't say to call meta (patch by Brice Tencé)

Jelix 1.2.7

Release date: 28 Jan. 2012

Critical bugs

  • Fixed infinite loop when ob_end_clean fails, during the display of an error page


  • ticket #1432 - date_format should support timestamp as parameter
  • Redirection should be allowed with almost of type of request
  • ticket #624 - jscompress - a new plugin for jtpl to compress inline javascript

Bugs fixed

  • jacl2db, sql script for postgresql: table dropping should be done in the right order.
  • fixed a notice into the history plugin
  • jZone::_tplOuputType is mispelled, corrected the name to _tplOutputType, and added a support of the deprecated _tplOuputType to keep compatibility
  • ticket 1440 - jDao - fixed bad syntax in generated sql queries for update methods, when properties in value element, starts with the same word.
  • ticket 1401 - jforms: for some datatypes, whitespace should be removed during the check
  • ticket 1389 - fixed a bug in jDbPDOConnection related to the MSSql support

Jelix 1.2.6

Release date: 4 Oct. 2011


  • Added apache directives for mod_rewrite in the htaccess file of new applications
  • jUnitTestCase: added methods to allow to do things before and after the run of all tests of a class
  • Update system: it is now possible to have an update script called for the update of several branches of a project. The version number (or the list of version number) should be now indicated into the class, not in the filename.

Bugs fixed

  • jTpl: the 'print' word should be allowed in a locale key
  • Fixed a regression in jResponseHtml, about log display in the page
  • ticket #1427 - jDao did generate an invalid syntax in the order clause generated for jDaoConditions. It added the table prefix, and it should not
  • Fixed issues in the implementation of mock objects in simpletest

Jelix 1.2.5

Release date: 7 Sept. 2011

Critical bugs

  • XSS Vulnerability in the form of the module jauth. In the template “auth~login.form”, the variable $login was not escaped.


  • Backported some changes from the trunk: use of jRequest::getDomainName()
  • ticket #1409 - jUrl, jResponseSitemap, jImageModifier, jTcpdf and jWSDL did not generate URLS with the right HTTP port. Added some new method jRequest::getServerURI and jRequest::getPort.
  • InstallWizard: check if the temp directory is writable, and allow to override the error.php template
  • jInstallChecker: added the ability to indicate some additional files and paths to check their writable status.
  • In the wizard page, checkjelix, a new option pathcheck can be used to indicate additionnal files or paths to check
  • Added jqueryPath in the defaultconfig file of new applications
  • jelix-scripts: createapp should create an urls.xml file
  • Removed the final keyword on some methods of jResponseHtml

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a warning about func_get_arg with PHP 5.2 in the jlocale plugin
  • ticket #1420 - fixed bad variable name in jDbSchema
  • Fixed an issue in jDao: the use of float values into SQL queries may generate SQL errors, when the system locale does not have a point as decimal separator. new jDb::floatToStr method to convert a float value into a correct float representation in SQL.

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