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Dev news #2

# 03/25/2008 Jelix team.

Here what append last week on the project.

First Christophe Thiriot is now a "commiter". Welcome in the Jelix Team !

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Weekly status

# 03/19/2008 Jelix team.

Each week, we will try to inform you about improvements made in the futures versions of Jelix. Here are those made this last week.

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Jelix 1.0.2

# 02/14/2008 Jelix Team.

Jelix 1.0.2 is available for download. It fixes few minor bugs so you can upgrade safely from Jelix 1.0.1. See details of the changelog on the dedicated page. Notice that the documentation has been improved very much !

The planet of jelix is open

# 02/01/2008 Laurent.

A planet for Jelix has been created. For the moment, there isn't registered blog. So if you talk about jelix in your blog, send an email to laurent at jelix dot org.

Jelix 1.0.1

# 01/21/2008 Laurent.

A new version of Jelix has been released. This is a "bug fix" release, so you can update safely from Jelix 1.0. It fixes a vulnerability in phpMailer (jMailer), some minor bugs and add few enhancements. See the page which explains all.

Release of Jelix 1.0

# 01/09/2008 Jelix team.

After two years of development, the version 1.0 is available in the download repository ! Thanks to all contributors which have helped to improve, to fix some bugs, to discover bugs or to write some documentations.

Press release

Second release candidate for Jelix 1.0

# 01/03/2008 Laurent.

Some few bugs have been fixed since the release of Jelix 1.0RC1. This is why a second release candidate is now available : Jelix 1.0RC2.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta 3.1

# 10/19/2007 Laurent.

A new stable version of Jelix has been released today : 1.0 beta 3.1 version. It fixes many bugs of the beta 3 version. Many of them have been found by contributors which are more and more numerous. There are also some improvements in the CRUD controller, so it is more usable now. Beta 3 users can migrate to Beta 3.1 without problems.

Note also that the API reference (in HTML) can now be downloaded as a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta 3

# 09/18/2007 Jelix team.

A new stable version of Jelix has been released, bringing important new features!

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