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Jelix 1.0.3

April, 06, 2008. SVN-848.

Updating from Jelix 1.0.2

This release fix only some few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to do change in your source code. Here instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.3 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • createapp creates now a default html response and a default template (#496, #480, #516)
  • added flag to generate or no xml prolog in jResponseXml (#465)
  • better error handling in cli context (#408)
  • added support of Session Name in jSession (#417)
  • added default properties files in iso-8859-15 (#473)
  • added postgresqlSQL scripts for install
  • new method in jControllerDaoCrud to allow to setup our own conditions for the record list (#487)
  • new plugin 'image' for jtpl (#474)
  • support of CR and LF in firebug log (#500)
  • session are now disabled in a CLI context (#445)

Bugs fixed

  • Error in jDaoRecord: unknow jLocale::timestampToDate (#445)
  • module name are transformed with strtolower when using createapp or createmodule command (#456)
  • error in jSelectorTpl when using a template before the creation of a response (#466)
  • bad error management when a response doesn't exist (#462)
  • notice error in jResponseXml (#464)
  • fixed a little bug in pagelinks plugin, some links were not disabled (#475)
  • fixed bug in form plugin : bad check of the parameters number (#481)
  • fixed bug, formcontrols: it shouldn't display submit control if there is a single submit (#482)
  • html builder : cols and rows attributes are required on textarea (#484)
  • jResponseZip : addHttpHeaders didn't exist (#488)
  • jResponseZip : impossible to set the name of the zip (#494)
  • fixed a bug on the count of unit tests in junitests module
  • bad error message in jDaoCompiler (#492)
  • no cmdline controller by default when creating a cmdline application (#418)
  • fixed bug about infinite loop with non-existent charset (#442)
  • fixed bug in jDbTools::execSQLScript for mysql and pgsql driver (#813)
  • call of a deprecated method of jTpl in jZone (#508)
  • in some case, no error when an ini file is invalid (#470)
  • moved some session configuration process from jCoordinator into jSession. (#504)
  • fixed an exception thrown during the execution of jelix-scripts.
  • jFile::removeDir crash if there are a link inside (#519)
  • added jSelectorIface and made jSelectorInterface deprecated (#522)
  • fixed a little bug in jZone::clearAll (#526)
  • jInstallChecker should not warn about magicquotes if the plugin magicquotes is activated. (#515)

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