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Trace: 1.0.2

Jelix 1.0.2

SVN-770, 02/14/2008

Updating from Jelix 1.0.1

This release fix only some few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to do change in your source code. Here instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.2 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • added a config parameter pathInfoInQueryParameter to read pathinfo in a query parameter, created by a rewrite rule, to avoid the error 'no input file specified' in cgi mode + cgi.fix_pathinfo=0 (#441)
  • added template plugins for xml response : jurl, jlocale.

Bugs fixed

  • fixed a syntaxic typo in jacldb.listener.php
  • removed a trailing “>” in atom10.tpl (#438)
  • js error when displaying log and errors with firebug, when the message contains some CR char (#444)
  • jResponseXul:
    • links to overlays in xul files are not escaped, so it doesn't work in Firefox 3 (#446)
    • events for overlays should contain the full template selector syntax (#451)
  • an empty pluginsPath parameter generates an error (#443)
  • removed deprecated and unused jZone::_cacheParams (#452)
  • some tests fail if the default time zone is not Europe/Paris (#450)

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