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Dev news #2

03/25/2008, Jelix team.

Here what append last week on the project.

First Christophe Thiriot is now a "commiter". Welcome in the Jelix Team !

Branch 1.0.x and trunk

  • Bastien continued to work on the start page generated by createapp (ticket 516, ticket 514, ticket 520).
  • He fixed also a bug on jFile : crash when jFile try to remove a symlink (ticket 519)
  • Few little improvements in jSession, by Julien (ticket 445 and ticket 504). Session are now disabled in CLI context.
  • Christophe fixed a bug on selectors : jSelectorInterface was a bad name (ticket 522)

The 1.0.3 version is mostly finished, and will be released the next week.


  • new jIniFileModifier class by Laurent, which allows to modify an ini file without destroying comments, whitespace etc..
  • Laurent worked on jForms :
    • Support of hidden field: <hidden> element (ticket 212)
    • Support of type="html" on <input> and <textarea> (ticket 381). It allows to write html code, and the content is cleaned by jForms to avoid security issues like XSS.
    • The jForms compiler has been rewritten so the source code is more readable and easier to modify.
  • A typo was fixed in jHttp (ticket 521)
  • API changes :
    • There was a bad spelling on some methods and properties: use of "datas" word instead of "data". This method and properties have been changed.
    • The plugins section in the configuration has been renamed to coordplugins.
  • The version number of nightlies build is now 1.1a1pre.xxx: pre-version of 1.1 alpha 1, and xxx is the svn changeset.