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HavefnuBB 1.4 is released

# 04/06/2011 Laurent.

A new version of the forum HavefnuBB, based on Jelix, is availabled! It comes with many performance improvements, a better independency in modules, so you can re-use them easily in your own application, and it is based now on Jelix 1.2. So HavefnuBB 1.4 used features of Jelix 1.2, like its new installation wizard and its new installation system.

Notice that the website jelix.org uses HavefnuBB, although it is not yet updated with this new 1.4.

Go on havefnubb.org to download this fresh release

Jelix 1.2.1

# 02/02/2011 Jelix team.

A maintenance version of Jelix 1.2 is available. Read the changelog, download it, and update your jelix installation ;-).

Update: a regression has been found. Download the new version.

Jelix 1.2 is released !

# 12/22/2010 Jelix team.

Almost two years after the release of Jelix 1.1, here is a new major version of the framework.

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Jelix 1.2 RC3 is available

# 12/03/2010 Jelix team.

A new release candidate for jelix 1.2 is available. It fixes many bugs. Try it !

Jelix 1.2RC2 and its manual

# 11/06/2010 Jelix team.

The second release candidate of Jelix 1.2 is available today. Some bugs have been fixed since the 1.2RC1. You can retrieve it here.

The manual is now complete and ready! You can download a PDF version on the download page.

Don't hesitate to correct the manual (it's a wiki) or to indicate bugs on jelix 1.2.

Jelix 1.2 RC1 is released !

# 10/26/2010 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.2 is approching and it almost reaches the "stable" quality level.

Download and try Jelix 1.2RC1 and let us know the latest bugs you could find !

Next days, we will work on the manual.

Release of Jelix 1.1.7

# 10/09/2010 Jelix team.

With some weeks of late, here is a new maintenance version of Jelix 1.1. It fixes many bugs as you can see on the changelog. You can safely update your applications to jelix 1.1.7. Download here.

Jelix 1.0.13 and the end of life of the 1.0.x branch

# 09/26/2010 Jelix team.

A new maintenance version for the branch 1.0.x is released today: Jelix 1.0.13. This is the last release for this branch, which is now closed.

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Release of Jelix 1.0.12 and 1.1.6

# 03/27/2010 Laurent.

New versions from 1.0 and 1.1 branches are now available. You can update as usual.

However, for Jelix 1.1.6, if you store sessions in a database, you have to remove the jsessions table and to recreate it with the given sql script, because of a wrong type of a field. The new type is a binary type. This is why we add support of binary fields in jDao and jDb. You can use this type in your own daos.