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Jelix 1.2.1

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.2.0 version, and that is available for the 1.2.1 version.

Changelog updated as of: fd0ac4ae5d96. Release date: 02/02/2011

Details of changes


Bugs fixed

  • ticket #1255 - added support of Limit clause with Oracle and PDO
  • ticket #1256 - fixed sql error when installing jacl2db module
  • Fixed bug in jInstallerBase: the connection wasn't changed when calling useDbProfile
  • fixed bugs in various sql scripts for postgresql
  • Ticket #1259 - sql error in install script for sqlite, in jacl2db module
  • ticket #1266 - jAcl2DBUserGroup::getGroupCode should not trigger an error when the group does not exist
  • Ticket #1265 - fixed bug: jCache::call runs function again even if its results is cached for return values == false
  • Ticket #1260 - there is a javascript error when minification of js file is activated. In fact, Wymeditor doesn't like it, it should be exluded from the list of js file
  • ticket #1261 - jResponseSitemap shouldn't return regular expressions as urls
  • In case of errors during the initialisation, fixed the error about timezone issue
  • Ticket #1267 - better handling of entry point configuration into the url compiler.
  • ticket #1267 - initadmin should set the modulePaths correctly in the defaultconfig.ini.php so all modules can be recognized
  • ticket #1251 - fixed french typos

Other versions

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