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Release date : 10/20/2010. 973f2586e8ac

It only fixes a bug in jFile : the source code was not preprocessed during the build of the release of 1.1.7.

Jelix 1.1.7

Release date : 10/09/2010. c12cac51067d

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.6 version.

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Details of changes

Critical bug fixed

  • Fixed infinite recursion when authentification is missing in some case.
  • ticket #1097: reserved methods of php must not be called in controllers from the url.

Bugs/Improvements fixed and backported to 1.0.x branch

  • ticket #1142: issue with email headers in the error handler.
  • ticket #736: there were some errors on the call of jelix_scan_action_sel when the url is not found by the significant url engine.

Bug fixed

  • jDao:
    • ticket #1125: jDaoConditions: generated where clause should enclose field names.
    • ticket #1129: $ should not be allowed in parameters of dao methods
    • ticket #1192: table name should be enclosed inside jDaoFactoryBase::delete and deleteBy.
  • jForms:
    • ticket #1092: initfromdao: checkboxes ar checked even if the value is the php integer 0
    • ticket #1095: help is not shown for fields inside a choice
    • ticket #1127: fields initialized with null are not detected as modified fields when using getModifiedControls
    • ticket #1149: in datasources, 0 labels or values are ignored.
    • ticket #1139: jFormsControlDate and jFormsControlDatetime should support non array value in request.
    • Fixed php notices in jforms : 'Only variables should be passed by reference'.
    • ticket #1094: datepicker plugins should have the possibility to access to jelixWWWPath to have the true path of jelix/.
  • jAuth, jAcl2
    • Fixed bug when installing the sql script of jacl2db: anonymous group didn't have always the id 0.
  • core:
    • ticket #1101: jelix opt edition: controller file and controller class should be checked in order to generate a 404 page
    • ticket #1146: Return code invalid when exception is raised in commandLine call.
    • ticket #1188: type attribut on link tag should be optional.
  • Others:
    • ticket #1114: crash during unit test of jClasses, when using bindings.
    • ticket #1109: url significant engine should encode parameters into the pathinfo.
    • ticket #1148: jTpl: jdatetime plugin should return an empty string if the date is null.
    • ticket #1164: jDateTime::now should initialize with integer values.
    • ticket #1171: jelix-scripts don't use db prefix. backported patch of ticket #869. PREFIX is now supported in sql scripts.
    • ticket #1163: createapp -withcmdline fail in case of non alphanumeric characters in appname
    • ticket #1161: jImageModifier, path problem when given a path including basePath.
    • ticket #1104: use finfo when available instead of mime_content_type.

Enhancements, new features

  • none

Other versions

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