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The forge will close in few weeks

# 02/23/2010 jelix team.

The team who develop web sites of jelix.org has no more enough time to maintain and improve the forge. So this web site will be closed at the end of March. Projects can move to other public forge (bitbucket, github) which provide better services. We will replace the forge by a smaller web site, which will list all existing modules and plugins. Stay tune.

Release of jCommunity 0.2

# 02/09/2010 Laurent.

jCommunity is a module which allow you to bring user management on a portal. Users can then register themselves on your application, can edit their profile, can retrieve a new password if they lost it etc.

The version 0.2 is just released and brings many new enhancements on templates, on forms, and allow a better interactivity with other modules through many new notification with jEvent, the event system of Jelix.

New hosting

# 11/29/2009 Laurent.

We have a new server, and the migration of the web sites of the project, from the old server, begin this evening and will end we hope before next saturday .

So this week, you may know difficulties to access to the web sites (portal, developer, forge...) and other services of the project (mercurial/subversion repositories, rss feeds ...).

Sorry for the inconvenience. You can follow the migration on http://identi.ca/jelixfmk/

Release of Jelix 1.0.11 and 1.1.4

# 11/14/2009 Laurent.

With some late, maintenance versions of stable branches are now available, and fix minor bugs. To update from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4, you will have perhaps some minor changes in your code. However, to update to 1.0.11, you won't have any change to do.

All details of changes are here for 1.0.11 and here for 1.1.4.

Migration to Mercurial

# 07/23/2009 Laurent.

The Jelix project doesn't use anymore Subversion to manage the source code. It uses now Mercurial.

Read full article

Release of Jelix 1.0.10

# 06/29/2009 Laurent.

A new version of the 1.0.x branch is released today, to fix a syntax error appeared in the release of Jelix 1.0.9, in jDao component.

Release of Jelix 1.0.9 and 1.1.3

# 06/17/2009 Jelix Team.

As usual, we released maintenance versions for each active branches. Jelix 1.0.9 contains only few minor bug fixes. However, Jelix 1.1.3 contains more bug fixes, and two critical issues in the admin modules for jAcl2 and jAuth. You are strongly encourage to upgrade your jelix 1.1.x.

All details of changes are here for 1.0.9 and here for 1.1.3.

Release of Jelix 1.0.8 and 1.1.2

# 04/02/2009 Laurent.

Two updates for the same price ! We have released two maintenance versions of the branch 1.0.x and 1.1.x. In both releases, some few bugs are fixed, in particulary some javascript issues with jforms and browsers like IE and Safari, and a potential security issue with jDaoConditions.

The 1.1.2 version improves the design of the master_admin module, and it fixes a major bug with jforms and its security system against CSRF (some errors could appear).

You are encouraged to upgrade your jelix installation. All details of changes are here for 1.0.8 and here for 1.1.2.

Note that some new versions of the manuals in PDF are available too.

Jelix 1.1.1

# 03/02/2009 Laurent.

This new version of Jelix fixes some bugs of Jelix 1.1. One of them is a critical one : in the case of a bad jelix-scripts.init.php file, the use of jelix-script command can result to a deletion of all your files (and more if you run it with an administrator account). You are strongly encouraged to upgrade jelix 1.1 to 1.1.1.

Jelix 1.1 is available

# 02/16/2009 Laurent.

A new stable release of Jelix is available ! Take advantage of improvements in the form system jForms and in the template engine. Take advantage of the new SOAP support, of the new rights system jAcl2, of all new utilities classes and many other improvements in the framework. See the full list of changes, and read the manual.