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Trace: 1.1.3

Jelix 1.1.3

Release on 17 june 2009. svn 1434.

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Details of changes

Critical bug fixed

  • ticket #836: jacl2db_admin always deleted rights on resources. Now it contains improvements on its interface. we can now delete separatly global rights or rights on resources, for groups or a specific user. jAcl2DbManager::setRightsOnGroup does not erase anymore unchanged rights, and erase only global rights for deleted rights.
  • ticket #935: in the administration, users shouldn't be allowed to edit other profiles users.

Bug fixed and backported to 1.0.9

  • javascript for jforms: fixed a bug in the check of ipv4 fields.
  • ticket #906 an #936: operateurs are missed in jDaoConditions
  • jDb, pgsql driver: disable autocommit while single_transaction is on
  • ticket #911: record modifications in updatebefore and insertbefore dao events not taken in account
  • ticket #929: magic_quotes coord plugin should handle $_FILES
  • ticket #933 : wrong locales call in jauth controller

Bug fixed

  • ticket #897: Jelix locales error when using jMailer.
  • ticket #898: fixed a bug in jMailer, the html plugins were not supported during the meta process of an html template.
  • ticket #901: jResponseBinary may freeze php process.
  • ticket #902: fixed bug in crud controller: bad management of uploaded file.
  • ticket #909: jelix-www: bundled json.js is outdated and somewhat buggy.
  • jForms builders: bad setting of the readonly attribute in controls of choice control
  • ticket #919: bugs during the createentrypoint -type cmdline.
  • ticket #874: bug inclusion of application-cli.init.php in cmdline.php
  • ticket #858: there was no exception in formsubmit jTpl plugin if there was no submit control defined in the jForms file

Enhancements, new features

  • ticket #900: new method jResponseHtml::strictDoctype() to set strict doctype or transitional doctype.
  • ticket #905: Managing YearRange in the javascript datepicker for jForms.
  • ticket #908: new jTpl plugins, repeat_string.
  • jEvents : more flexibility by calling the old method performEvent on listeners
  • modified some default template to use the 'cycle' plugin instead of a simple variable
  • ticket #920 : better display of error messages in jelix-scripts

Other versions

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