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The forge is open

# 07/27/2007 Laurent.

The Jelix forge has opened today. This web site allows to developers to host their projects about jelix modules, jelix plugins, their application based on jelix or other development tools for Jelix.

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Jelix supports GoPHP5

# 07/10/2007 Jelix Team.

logo goPHP5Jelix already supports some of PHP 5.2 features when you make your own Jelix build with "5.2" as value in the PHP_VERSION_TARGET building parameter. But default builds availabled in the download repository are made for PHP 5.0 and later. However, this will not be the case at the latest, the February 5th, 2008. Jelix Developers agreed with the GoPHP5 campaign recommendations, which encourages both PHP projects and web hosts to support only PHP 5.2 and later. So, next February 5, 2008, Jelix will officially support all php 5.2 features and default avalaibled packages will be built for PHP 5.2 or later.

Dragon CMS use Jelix

# 06/27/2007 Laurent.

The content management system Dragon-CMS, which is still in development, use now Jelix for its server part. The particularity of this CMS is that it have two parts : a client part which is a XUL application ran by XulRunner, installed on the desktop, and a server part which is responsible to display the web site and to offer web services for the XUL client, to manage the content.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta2.1

# 04/28/2007 Jelix Team.

A new version of Jelix is released. It fix only two blocking bugs on 1.0 beta 2 version. It is recommanded to replace this version by this new 1.0 beta 2.1. See changelog.

Release of Jelix 1.0 beta2

# 04/16/2007 Jelix team.

The second beta of Jelix 1.0 has been released today. It fixes many bugs and contains new features.

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Over-blog.com has choose Jelix

# 03/06/2007 Jelix team.

Over-blog.com is one of the most important french blogging platform, with more than 534,000 blogs and 5 millions of viewed pages a day. The Developers of Over-blog have choose Jelix for the future version of their web site.

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Release of the first beta of Jelix

# 01/23/2007 Jelix team.

Jelix 1.0 beta 1 has been released and is available in the download section. This is the first version which is called "stable", at the core level. Next improvements will be mainly on utilities classes.

Don't hesitate to test jelix, and report to us bugs and improvements ideas. We need also help on the documentation.