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Release of Jelix 1.0 beta2

04/16/2007, Jelix team.

The second beta of Jelix 1.0 has been released today. It fixes many bugs and contains new features.

Among this new features, there are:

  • a better support of UTF-8 strings and all source files of Jelix are now in UTF-8;
  • a new view, jResponseLatexToPdf, to generate PDF from latex content;
  • improvements in jDb postgresql driver;
  • a new method jClasses::incIface(), to include interfaces;
  • you can have a specific database profil for jAcl;
  • command line scripts have been added to configure jAcl

Some new unit tests have been written, to improve the checking of robustness of APIs, and to guarantee the framework against regression bugs.

Some features planned for the beta2 have not been done, because of the lack of time. However, we would bring to you all improvement added since the beta1. So every missing features are expected in the next release (beta3). It concerns improvements in jForms, new utility class for web services, controller for CRUD etc.