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Trace: 1.0beta2

Jelix 1.0 beta 2

16 april 2007. svn 419.

Main improvements

  • sources are in UTF-8 and better supports of UTF-8 strings
  • jResponseLatexToPdf, a new view to generate PDF from Latex content
  • Many new unit tests to check APIs.
  • Many bug fixes into jDb, jDao and jAcl
  • Improvements into error messages.
  • Command line script to configure jAcl

Change details

API changes

  • jAuth : jAuth::createUser is renamed to jAuth::createUserObject. CreateUser can be still used, but is deprecated.
  • Classes used for the “class” driver for jAuth should follow a new interface jIAuthDriverClass
  • jConfig::OS is deprecated
  • accented characters are now forbiddent into selectors
  • jDao : <limit> tag is not allowed any more into method of “selectfirst” ty pe (inconsistent)
  • Old classes namming is now deactivated into the configuration
  • PHP constants are not allowed into templates.

Improvements, new features

  • sources are in UTF-8 and better supports of UTF-8 strings
  • core :
    • ticket #85: adding support of favicon in jResponseHtml
    • optimization during the configuration reading
    • ticket #126: added support of anchor in urls for redirections
    • ticket #130: new view jResponseLatexToPdf
    • ticket #89 and #96 : added support for CSS and JS for IE in jResponseHtml
  • jDb :
    • new driver for Intuition database.
    • postgresql driver: allow to use environement variable which contains connections parameters.
  • jDao :
    • add method to jDaoFactoryBase : countBy($searchcond)
  • jelix module:
    • ticket #94: adding locales files in UTF-8 for en_EN and en_US in the jelix module
  • jauth module: an example of a dao for the jAuth db driver is added in the jauth module (Ticket #105)
  • jWiki: updated WikiRenderer to 3.0 version
  • Added new unit tests on selectors, jtpl compiler, jacl, jbundle
  • Experimental script to test configuration of an application
  • ticket #84: added possibility to put classes into sub-directories of “classes/” directory
  • new incIface method of jClasses, to include interfaces
  • jAcl :
    • ticket #16: added support of specific db profil
    • new commands in jelix-scripts: aclvalue, aclgroup and aclright, to configure jAcl
  • jAuth : added jIAuthDriverClass interface for classes used with the “class” driver
  • jelix scripts :
    • help are now localizable and available in english

Bug fixes

  • core:
    • ticket #104: bad context change when a plugin redirect to a new action
    • ticket #86: better check of basePath config parameter
    • ticket #87: bad character un atom10.tpl
    • ticket #75: error message is not coherent when a controller is unknown
    • ticket #77: improvement on error message when a selector is invalid. Added the type of selector in the message
    • ticket #111: no more notice about REMOTE_ADDR in command line mode in jLog.
    • ticket #112: “#” was not allowed in a local message.
    • ticket #145: syntax error in jCoordinateur::process()
    • ticket #127: Http headers were not sent before a redirection.
    • ticket #113: in atom content, link tag is now optional (conforming to the atom specification).
  • jDb:
    • ticket #97: database connector didn't use the charset set up in the application. Adding force_encoding option in dbprofils file, to indicate that jDb should set the charset during the database connection.
    • ticket #110: there was no error, and script is stopped, when jdb try to connect to a database, while database extension does not exists in php
    • ticket #121: added quotes around values in the connection string for postgresql
    • little bug on jDbConnection::lastIdInTable
  • jDao:
    • ticket #92: isnull and isnotnull tags in dao file were not supported correctly
    • ticket #100: syntaxe of property name was not checked
    • ticket #115: in classes generated by jDao, local variables should have a specific namming to avoid conflicts with parameters of user methods
    • ticket #124: we couldn't use spaces in onforeignkey and primarykey attributes
    • ticket #125: update method was not well generated, when table contained only primary keys.
    • ticket #141: an error message was missed
    • method of “selectfirst” type use now jDb::limitQuery() instead of jDb::query().
  • jAcl :
    • syntax error in a selector in jAclUserGroup
    • ticket #120: bad condition in a dao.
  • fix bug in autolocale plugin : country letter is not in uppercase
  • ticket #91: call of jelix~notfound action which doesn't exist, instead of jelix~error_notfound.
  • fticket #93: strict message on mktime, when using jZone with cache
  • ticket #114: error during the load of defaults rules in wikirenderer (jWiki)
  • fix bug in an include of jForms.
  • ticket #135, jtpl : use of PHP constants were not checked, and this was a possibility of a security hole. PHP constants are now forbidden in templates.
  • jelix-scripts:
    • ticket #99: with createdao command and postgresql, all field and primary key are not retrieve correctly. patch=njeudy
    • ticket #83: directory not created in the createapp command with withcmdline switch (patch=giviz)

jBuildTools :

  • fix ticket #69: mkmanifest didn't show empty directory. A switch -e for the script is added

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