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Jelix 1.5.0 is available

# 02/20/2013 Jelix Team.

Modernity comes into Jelix with this new version: HTML5 by default for the html response object, PHP 5.3 support, more scalabilities and modularities...

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Release of Jelix 1.2.11, 1.3.5 and 1.4.2

# 12/29/2012 Laurentj.

Today we released maintenance version of all active branches. They fix some various non critical bugs. Thanks to Kena, Catsoup, Brice and Charles for their contributions.

See the Download page and changelogs.

Jelix News, december 04th, 2012

# 12/04/2012 Laurent.

Jelix 1.5 is on the right way. A beta should be released during this month.

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Release of Jelix 1.4.1, 1.3.4, 1.2.10

# 10/29/2012 Jelix team.

Some new versions on active branches of Jelix are available, including bugs fixed and a new hash method to store passwords in jAuth.

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Jelix news - Oct. 9, 2012

# 10/09/2012 Laurent.

Jelix 1.4 has been released one month and more ago. What happend since this date? Many things!

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Jelix 1.4 is available!

# 08/30/2012 Jelix Team.

A new major version of Jelix is released today. It proposes numbers of new features. Try it!

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PDF of manuals are back

# 07/14/2012 Jelix Team.

Since the migration of our documentation to a new system, we didn't have anymore PDF generated from our documentation contents.

This issue has been fixed today! You can now download PDF of manuals for Jelix 1.3.2, Jelix 1.2.8, and even for Jelix 1.4b1.

Don't forget that your can contribute to our documentation system and to the documentation itself

Release of Jelix 1.2.8

# 06/16/2012 Jelix Team.

A new maintenance version of Jelix 1.2 is available. You can upgrade safely your application based on Jelix 1.2.

Thanks to Brice for his patch and other contributors who reported bugs.