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Jelix news - Oct. 9, 2012

10/09/2012, Laurent.

Jelix 1.4 has been released one month and more ago. What happend since this date? Many things!

First, some bugs have been fixed on all branches by Philippe Villiers, Brice Tence and me. Thus versions 1.4.1, 1.3.4 and 1.2.10 will be released soon. You can read details of changes on the web site: 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x

These future releases provide an enhancement, that will interest any project whose security is a major element: jAuth now offers a new more secured haching method, to store passwords. This method uses the default algorithm bcrypt with a random "salt". It is based on the future passwords API of PHP 5.5. Jelix anticipates for your applications, including a pure PHP implementation of this API for older PHP versions! The migration to this new method is very simple: change the size of the password field in your database, and set a configuration option. However, you will need PHP 5.3.7 minimum (or PHP 5.3.3 on Debian Squeeze).

Test the nightlies of these branches to help us to kill last bugs if any!

To know more about it, read the manual.

But most of the work carried out in recent weeks was the beginning of development of version 1.5. This version targets PHP 5.3 minimum. Thus there was a lot of cleaning and optimizations. And we take this opportunity to rearrange the code. Especially some components migrated to new modules jsoap, jtcpdf, jacl2. Some others were ejected from the jelix repository to be stored into the jelix-contrib repository, as modules (XUL support, RDF suppor, latex2pdf support...). This reorganization is not completed. The goal is to have a lightweight lib/jelix directory, and to have most of the components in modules, that will be installable from pakagist.org, using Composer (probably in Jelix 2?). In addition, the new autoloader (compatible PSR-0) of the version 1.4 is used extensively in Jelix 1.5. Also note that the nightly of version 1.5 is actively used and tested in professional projects.

Do not worry, despite the heavy work, the migration to 1.5 will be smoothly, it will be a matter of a few hours at most. Especially since the manual Version 1.5 is up to date!

About manuals, many improvements have been done, for all branches. Don't hesitate to consult them.

And to contribute too... ;-)