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Jelix News, december 04th, 2012

12/04/2012, Laurent.

Jelix 1.5 is on the right way. A beta should be released during this month.

Two big new features have been done:

1) Claudio Bernardes (aka obs) has been worked on the builder of jForms. Now, there is not any more a big class which generates the HTML: the code has been splitted into plugins. So now, you can provide your own plugins for some controls to generate the HTML you need! You indicate the plugins within the {form} tag in the template, or in the configuration.

2) Guillaume Dugas has been improved jDao: It is possible to import the definition of a DAO into an other DAO. This is not inheriting, just import.

An exemple: jauthdb provides a dao for the users table, and this dao defines many methods. If you want to provide your dao, you had to duplicate all of these methods and main properties. Now it is possible to indicate "<dao import='jauthdb~jelixuser'>" in your dao, and your dao will have all methods, properties and datasource defined in the dao jelixuser. You can of course redefine some of this elements, and add other properties and methods.

Guillaume also added the possibility to indicate a PHP class for the record of a dao (new attribute "extends" on the record element). The generated class will inherit from it. So you can add methods to do some calculations for instance, on the record object.

We had of course other contributions!

  • Brice Tence fixed a complex bug on the cache system of a zone (bug 1197). He had an option on the debugbar to specify the minimum error level needed to open it automatically. He also fixed a bug in the autoloader.
  • Philippe Villiers continues to upgrade jQuery, jQuery UI, TCPDF...
  • Khena fixed a bug in the ldap plugin for the authentication
  • Steven (aka catsoup) is back with a bug fix in the installapp command
  • Charles fixed a bug in jCoordinator
  • Kimaidou fixed a migration script in jacl2db for sqlite
  • Yves Tan improved the createform and createdao commands: if a SQL field has a comment, this comment can be used as label in the generated form.

I made also improvements:

  • jAcl2db: modification of the default value of resources in the rights table. This is not any more "null", but "-".
  • Possibility to deactivate an event listener
  • Most of unit tests have been migrated from Simpletest to PHPUnit
  • jConfigCompiler is now extensible : we can have plugins that will check and process some configuration parameters
  • jPref has been moved to its own module
  • The library FakeServerConf has been added. It allows to do test in a same environment as we have during an HTTP request
  • new plugin for jKVDb, using the dba API

Contributions have been made on other related projects:

  • Brice has improved in GitiWiki, the software we use to display the documentation on http://docs.jelix.org. And he begin to integrate a search engine.
  • Brice, Khena and Guillaume made some few improvements in the documentation

In the last two months, 9 developers have been contributed on the project! thanks to them!

Don't hesitate to test the nightly and to report bugs!