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Jelix 1.4 is available!

08/30/2012, Jelix Team.

A new major version of Jelix is released today. Jelix 1.4 supports now the loading of libraries, following the PSR0 specification. It proposes also numbers of new features, such as virtual templates, API to manage HTTP cache, automatic management of language parameters in URLs. Furthermore, modules can now provide their own CSS/JS files and response objects, without moving them into other directories.

As previous version, Jelix 1.4 is available in three editions: developer, optimized and gold. And the manual is available online (displayed by a new application, Gitiwiki), and in PDF.

Thanks to all contributors who helped to build this version, in particulary FlorianLB, Steven, Thomas PT, Brice Tencé, Doubleface, Flav..