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Jelix 1.5.0 is available

02/20/2013, Jelix Team.

This new version brings modernity and improvements for your existing Jelix based applications.

Thereby the html response object generates now an HTML5 header by default.

The extensibility of the forms system jForms has been improved, allowing to personalize easily the display of form controls.

The ORM jDAO allows now to import DAO definitions into an other DAO, and inheriting is allowing for records object.

New modules are appearing, resulting of a reorganisation of some existing components.

Finally, Jelix 1.5 abondons the support of PHP 5.2, and is only compatible with PHP 5.3+. An effort has been made to use new features of PHP 5.3 in the code of Jelix. Don't forget that PHP 5.2 is not more maintened by the PHP group.

Of course, many other improvements come with Jelix 1.5. Discover them in the manual

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