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The forge is open

07/27/2007, Laurent.

The Jelix forge has opened today. This web site allows to developers to host their projects related to Jelix :

  • their modules for Jelix
  • their plugins for Jelix
  • their applications based on Jelix
  • their development tools for Jelix

This free hosting includes:

  • A tool to manage the project, powered by Trac: bugs management, wiki, versions management etc;
  • A subversion repository
  • A download repository on download.jelix.org

For the moment, the web site is an "alpha" version : an automatic system to register yourself directly on the web site and to create a project is missing. You should ask your new account and a new project environment by email. But we're working on it. However, all project environments are stable and some project already exist since few weeks.