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Jelix 1.1.4

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.3 version.

Released on 14 nov. 2009. changeset 108bc76cabe4

Main improvements

  • Better compatibility with PHP 5.3: there isn't any more notices or “deprecated” warnings.

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Read the instructions in the manual.

If you use the jauthdb_admin, and if you have overloaded templates or created a different theme, you should change all urls which contain the 'id' parameter. You must rename this parameter to 'j_user_login' (see ticket 941).

If you have listeners for this module, you can now use a new parameter, 'himself', which indicate if the profile is edited by the administrateur (false) or if it is the user who edit his own profile (true). It can be useful to modify the form depending of the context.

Details of changes

Critical bug fixed

  • no critical bugs

Bugs/Improvements fixed and backported to 1.0.11

  • ticket #957: Improved the conformance with HTTP specification in redirections
  • ticket #976: bad SQL syntax generated by jDao for LIKE conditions. spaces are missing around the operator. jDao, values for LIKE operators should be escaped as string
  • ticket #992: jDaoFactoryBase: _generateCondition didn't handle some operators with NULL values
  • ticket #979: It could have collisions between instances of jForms forms in session, when not given a full selector to jForms
  • ticket #973: Wikirenderer: fixed an issue on the generation of code block with wr3 rules.
  • ticket #939: UTF8 support for mysql with PDO drivers did not work
  • ticket #984: support of xhtml+xml in the meta element in jResponseHtml
  • ticket #1004: jEvent: compiled events didn't take entrypoints into account

Bug fixed

  • core:
    • ticket #949: jSession cannot use NOW() in dao storage because sqlite doesn't support it
    • ticket #948: fixed charset in htmlfragment
    • traces for exceptions were not well displayed
  • jForms:
    • ticket #962: jForms::getModifiedControls didn't return changed controls which contains multiple values
    • ticket #709: jforms, check of malformed html content generated warnings
    • ticket #881: jforms: required attribute was not supported on choice, and an error was generated on empty and non required choice
  • modules:
    • ticket #941: couldn't use a form with an id control with the jauthdb_admin module. the id parameter of all actions of the module and in urls_example.xml has been renamed to j_user_login.
    • ticket #915: fixed issues in the sql script of jacl2db_admin, about the anonymous groups storage
  • ticket #896: regression in createform jelix-script with optimized sources
  • ticket #980: jelix-script createdao should'nt validate fieldname with '-'
  • ticket #945: jImageModifier didn't support filenames with spaces
  • fixed a bad attribute name in relaxng schemas.
  • ticket #983: invalid error locale in jMailer class
  • Fixed failed tests and issue with optimized edition, when trying loading an unknow class.
  • ticket #963: impossible to use width and height attributes with image plugin
  • jTpl:
    • processing instructions were removed by jTpl
    • when short_open_tags is enabled, there were some errors on processing instruction included into templates. And asp tags are now removed.
  • ticket #991: regression, we cannot remove rights on group
  • jDbPDOConnection: syntax error when setting utf-8 charset in mysql driver
  • ticket #994: jFilter::cleanHTML was not fully secure on url check
  • ticket #1010: jDao::countBy: DISTINCT does not work if the table is aliased

Enhancements, new features

  • jauthdb_admin module: a new parameter 'himself' has been added on all events generated for the user profile editing, to make the difference between the editing in the administration part, and when the user edit his own profile
  • ticket #978: avoid using realpath in application.init.php
  • ticket #463: better compatibility for php 5.3:
    • replace split function, ereg function.
    • Replaced also braces by square brackets in instruction which get characters of string.
    • Added support of the keyword goto in locales name in jTpl.
  • Added user information on the AuthRemoveUser event before the deletion of the user.
  • Removed final keywords from jDaoGenerator, so plugins for jDao could redefine some methods
  • ticket #996: meta_html plugin should allow additionnal parameters

Other versions

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