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Jelix News - 2012-02-10

02/10/2012, Jelix Team.

In the bug tracker, the reviews stack contains now only 4 tickets instead of 16 last month. There are still some works to do on some tickets, and others have been closed. Notice also that we closed the issues tracker on Github, we stay on developer.jelix.org for the moment.

Improvements made these last weeks:

  • in Jelix 1.4pre
    • Brice implemented some new template tags {meta_if}, {meta_elsif}, {meta_else} and {/meta_if}, allowing to have conditional meta instruction
    • Some new classes to read ATOM and RSS feeds, jAtom10Reader and jRSS20Reader, have been developped by Florian
    • Laurent has removed the $gJConfig variable. You should use instead jApp::config(), to access to the configuration. However a compatibility mode allow to still use $gJConfig, to allow to have time to migrate modules to this new API. Steven fixed some regressions after the landing of this bug change.
    • methods jCoordinator::isModuleEnabled() and jCoordinator::getModulePath() have been moved to jApp.
  • In Jelix 1.3.x
    • Two new methods in DAO factories, by Didier: getTables() and getPrimaryTable()
    • Philippe has updated jQuery UI to the version 1.8.17
    • soaplog and sqllog plugins for the debug bar ignore now all messages that are not soap messages and sql messages

In few days, a new autoload system for modules will be landed into the trunk. It will allow to modules to declare in the module.xml file, classes that could be loaded on demand automatically. And Florian finalize the implementation of a new component, jPref, which allow to store dynamic configuration options. A UI will allow to modify them. These configuration options are for "business" configuration, contrary to configuration options in ini files, that are technical configurations options and that don't change during the life of the application.

Jelix 1.4 beta will be release soon. We will try to release the final version during March.