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Jelix News 2012-03-16

03/16/2012, Jelix Team.

These last week there were many activities on the repository, with improvements made by 6 contributors.

Improvements for the next release 1.4

  • A new class jPref and a module jpref_admin, developped by Florian, to allow to manage preferences in an application. Steven helped by fixing some issues.
  • The coordinator is now attached to the global object jApp, and accessible with jApp::coord(). The global variable $gJCoord is now deprecated. To migrate, entry points should be modified to use the new API. (Laurent)
  • new autoload system for modules. It is possible to declare classes for the autoloader in the module.xml file of a module. This autoload system is compatible with the PSR0 spĂ©cification. (Laurent)
  • Response classes can now be provided directly by a module (Laurent)
  • The error management at startup has been reworked and the error page has been improved (Laurent)
  • Improvements in Jelix-scripts: createapp generate a .gitignore file and the parameters file .jelix-scripts.ini can now be stored in the current directory or its parents.
  • New plugin for the coordinator, to trace action execution (Florian)
  • New method save() on records object of jDao (Sid-Ali)
  • HugoKernel fixed an arguments issue in the PostgresSQL driver
  • And other little improvements..

Improvements in Jelix 1.3.x and 1.4:

  • Upgrade of jQuery UI to 1.8.18 (Philippe V.)
  • Upgrade of TCPDF (Philippe V.)
  • Support of {meta_html jsie7} and {meta_html jsltie7} (Philippe V.)
  • The debug barre is now activated by default in new applications (Laurent)
  • Improvements of the support of PHP-CGI when it is used in a command line context (some hosting company don't provide the true PHP-CLI) (Laurent)
  • New class jServer allowing to retrieve some information about the server. (Laurent)
  • Bug fix: some errors could appears in some plugins of the debug barre (Laurent)

Bug fixes in the branch 1.2 (and also 1.3, 1.4)

  • Fixed a regression in jTpl: meta was processed in fetch() even if they were processed before
  • some inconsistencies in returned value in drivers of jKVDb were fixed.
  • A warning was fixed in the method jResponse::getPort()
  • Fixed a STRICT notice in jDbPDOConnection::lastInsertId()

Project life

And now, here some events in the Jelix world:

  • Our Booster website have been improved by Florian, the most visible part is the new design ;-)
  • Florian started also a new tutorial, a "Jobeet like". After a discussion on IRC, he created The project AperoDev
  • Laurent study a new solution to publish manuals, which would be a wiki based on Git. Users could still do online modificiation, but they could also contribute throw directly a Git repository. It is interesting for big work or to do offline modifications

Few days ago, a french PHP developer was worried about perfomance of PHP frameworks, after reading results of a benchmark made by an other blogger and after doing his own benchmark. However Jelix was not in the pool of tested framework, so Olivier did the same benchmark with Jelix. His conclusion is that Jelix is more performant than many PHP framework.

Very encouraging for the project, its contributors, and users ;-)