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Jelix 1.6.17 is available

04/18/2018, Laurent.

Jelix 1.6.17 is available, fixing some few bugs, and bringing several improvements.

The HTML response object has now new properties and methods to manage meta elements, the IE mode and the viewport.

jForms allows now to redefine easily the HTML code for help on fields. It allows also to configure an error decorator for JS, for all forms.

jMailer has a new debug mode, allowing to force senders and recipients for any mail generated by the application. It is useful on a test environnement, to redirect any mail to a single email box, so you can check which emails are sent and verify their contents.

Bug fixes are about the latest improvements on jDbSchema and jDaoDbMapper. Into jAuth, the cookie for the persistant authentication is now generated correctly. And the cache of images generated by jImageModifier is organized with sub-directories.

Read the full list of changes in the dedicated page.

Remind that the support of Jelix 1.6 is extended until december 2018.

Download Jelix 1.6.17.