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1.6 branch

The latest release of the 1.6 branch is 1.6.40. (see the changelog).

Two editions are available, under the LGPL licence. So you are free to install, to use, to modify and to distribute them. You can also use them to develop an application which is not free, although Jelix remains free and should be always redistributed under the terms of the LGPL licence.

End of life of this branch: January 2023.

Developer Edition

This edition is for developers, to create and develop applications using Jelix. It contains some development stuffs like junittests module, and the core is enhanced with debugging features

important: when you update jelix, don’t forget to clean your application temp directory.

Optimized Edition

This edition should be used only on production server because it is optimized for this purpose. Use it when you install an application on your public server, to improve performance. (However, you can use of course a developer edition on your production server).

important: when you update jelix, don’t forget to clean your application temp directory.


Jelix packages provide only english and french translations.

To install other languages, download lang packages from https://download.jelix.org/jelix/langpacks/jelix-1.6/ .

Unzip them into app/locales/ directory of the Jelix application you develop, or into var/locales of a Jelix application you installed, as a user.


Some modules are available in separate archives:

Test Application

TestApp 1.6 is an application which contains examples. It contains also unit tests on Jelix components, which is useful for Jelix Hackers. Read the INSTALL.txt file given in the archive.

To run this application, you should also install the developer edition of Jelix.


API Reference

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