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What's new since Jelix 1.8.0

07/03/2024, Laurent.

There was no news on this web site since the release of Jelix 1.8.0, But it will change, since we've got a new module to manage news ;-).

In the space of a year, there have been 10 maintenance releases of Jelix 1.8, including version 1.8.10, released today, which fixes a few bugs. The framework is still in active use, for example at 3liz in the Lizmap mapping application.

Jelix 1.7 is not maintained anymore since January 2024. You're encouraged to migrate to Jelix 1.8, especially as there's not much to do.

In addition to maintaining Jelix 1.8 and micro evolutions, the last few months have been dedicated to the development of several projects:

  1. Improvements in Jelix 2, still in development
    • “namespacification” of jForms and jTpl
    • "warmup" system at installation, allowing files created by jDao, jForms, jLocale, jEvent, jUrl... to be pre-generated, saving system resources and concurrency problems on busy sites.
    • removal of all APIs and configuration parameters deprecated in Jelix 1.8
    • removed support for charsets other than UTF-8 in jLocale
  2. Development of Jelix Authentication, new authentication modules in which identification management is separated from application account management, enabling authentication systems to be added more easily and efficiently, and authentication workflows to be configured (to perform 2FA, force password changes, etc.).
  3. Enhancements to Jelix Database and Jelix Dao, the modern versions of jDb and jDao used in the forthcoming Jelix 2.
  4. An update of the new Admin UI administration module.
  5. Enhancements to the SAML authentication module and the JCommunity module.
  6. Start of development of Jelix Authorization, a more modern version of jAcl2.
  7. And various small improvements into some independent libraries.