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This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.7.0 version.

Jelix 1.7.8

Released on july 30th, 2021

  • Fix the installer during the setup of the module access
  • Fix jResponseHtml::addJsLink: possibility to setup the type attribute
  • Fix jauthdb_admin user creation: login name should be trimmed
  • Fix automatic domain name and port retrieval. In some Nginx configuration, SERVER_NAME may be initialized with the port, and so jUrl may generate some url with two port.
  • Fix crash in PHP 8 and warning in PHP 7.4 within jDb and the core
  • Translations are now available in several languages

Jelix 1.7.7

Released on march 07th, 2021.

  • Fix some issues in the docker stack for tests
  • Upgrade PHPUnit to 8.5.14 to test against PHP 8.0

Contains all bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.31, 1.6.32 and 1.6.33:

  • Fix php 7 compat issue in the memcache driver
  • Fix jacl2db_admin: missing translations
  • Fix command acl2right: forbidden rights were displayed as authorized rights
  • Fix acl2right command: subcommand to forbid a right was missing
  • Fix various issues with PHP 8.0
  • Fix some dao locales that have a bad pattern for sprintf
  • Fix float to string convertion into jDb
  • Fix pgsql schema: should list only tables from the search_path
  • Fix comparison of values in the jForms modified check
  • Fix many issues in the checking of admin rights in administration UI. There were some situation when the checking was badly done, so there were some possibility into the UI to remove completely admin rights.
  • jauthdb_admin: adding autocomplete to search users
  • jInstaller, module.xml: allow http: as well as https: into the namespace value
  • jacl2db_admin: little improvements in the display of list of rights to be more usable
  • New option force_new in profiles for pgsql to force a new connection

Jelix 1.7.6

Released on november 24th, 2020.

It have all bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.30:

  • Fix basePath in the context of a command line script
  • Fix a PHP error in the listbox form widget
  • Fix a issue in jAcl2 admin: an administrator could put himself into a group which forbid some admin rights, and so he was not an administrator anymore.
  • new command to test the mailer. To send an email to check mailer parameters, execute php console.php mailer:test my.email@example.com
  • jForms: new control jControlTime, and support of a <time> element in jforms
  • New method jEvent::getParameters()
  • New method jAuth::setUserSession()
  • jAcl2 admin interface: confirmation on groups delete button
  • jAcl2 admin interface: added a separator between groups in users list
  • Fix compat with php 7.4 in jCmdUtils
  • New methods jServer::getDomainName(), jServer::getServerURI(), jServer::getPort(), jServer::isHttps()

Bug fixed

  • Fix web assets upgrader with jforms_datepicker and jforms_datetimepicker
  • Fix web assets loading of the datetime widget
  • Fix console: initialize a coordinator so components could work well
  • Fix: some components should check if the coordinator is there or not
  • Authentication: checkCookieToken() does not trigger anymore a 500 error page if the cookie token is invalid.
  • jAcl2: reword terms 'role' to 'right'. Rewording 'subject' to 'role' into Jelix 1.7 was a mistake. So some API have been renamed, but old API are still usable, even if deprecated.
    • jAcl2DbManager::addRole() becomes createRight()
    • jAcl2DbManager::removeRole() becomes deleteRight()
    • jAcl2DbManager::removeRole() becomes deleteRight()
    • jAcl2DbManager::copyRoleRights() becomes copyRightSettings()
    • jAcl2DbManager::addRoleGroup() becomes createRightGroup()
    • jAcl2DbManager::removeRoleGroup() becomes deleteRightGroup()
    • dao method jacl2rights::getRightsByRole() becomes getRightSettings()
    • dao method jacl2rights::deleteByRoleRes() becomes deleteByRightRes()
    • dao method jacl2rights::deleteByRole() becomes deleteByRight()
    • dao method jacl2rights::deleteByGroupAndRoles() becomes deleteByGroupAndRights()
    • dao method jacl2subject::findAllRoles() becomes findAllRights()
    • dao method jacl2subject::removeRolesFromGroup() becomes removeRightsFromRightsGroup()
    • dao method jacl2subject::replaceRoleGroup() becomes replaceRightsGroup()
    • console command acl2:role-create becomes acl2:right-create
    • console command acl2:role-delete becomes acl2:right-delete
    • console command acl2:role-group-create becomes acl2:rights-group-create
    • console command acl2:role-group-delete becomes acl2:rights-group-delete
    • console command acl2:role-group-list becomes acl2:rights-groups-list
    • console command acl2:roles-list becomes acl2:rights-list


  • jAcl2: adapter system to make the glue to authentication. It allows to use authentication library other than jAuth, like the jelix/authentication-module library.
  • Tests: docker configuration for a test environment, to replace Vagrant.

Jelix 1.7.5

Released on august 17th, 2020

  • have all bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.29.

Jelix 1.7.4

Released on june 9th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • All bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.28


  • add --profile option on commands module:create-class-dao and module:create-form

Jelix 1.7.3

Released on march 28th, 2020

Bug fixed

  • Fix setAttribute() method in the mysqli driver and other little issues into plugins of jDb
  • Fix a regression in jDbPgsqlTools::getFieldList()
  • Fix help into the app:create-lang-package command
  • Fix installer: module:configure did not honor --no-local correctly
  • Fix installer: error in jelix:migrate when called when the app is already migrated
  • Fix some unit tests
  • Change the configuration parameter name notfoundAct to notFoundAct. The upgrader change it.
  • All bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.26 and 1.6.27


  • new web assets configuration for the new autocomplete and imageupload widgets (from Jelix 1.6.26)
  • upgrade dependencies: PhpMailer 5.2.28, IniFile 3.2.4, FileUtilities 1.8.4, Symfony Console 3.2.14

Jelix 1.7.2

Released on october 20th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • Fix install parameters given to installers. Given parameters list didn't contain parameters that have default values indicated into configurators objects.
  • Fix the configurator: modules were not enabled when they didn't have a configurator class
  • Fix auto-discovering of the plugins directory provided with Jelix
  • All bug fixes and improvements from Jelix 1.6.25


  • new class jHttpErrorException, jHttp401UnauthorizedException, jHttp403ForbiddenException and jHttp404NotFoundException to generate an HTTP error from controllers and coordinator plugins.
  • new default response, having the id 'htmlerror', used to return an HTML content with an HTTP error, when the HTTP client accepts HTML content. This response is now used when the core router catch an jHttpErrorException or any of its child class.
  • upgrade ckeditor5 to 12.4.0 with some additionnal plugins

Jelix 1.7.1

Released on september 11th, 2019

Bug fixed

  • jForms: fix regression about CSRF token check
  • webassets: fix url when using themes

Jelix 1.7.0

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