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Jelix : Misc topics Jelix : Misc topics

If you discover Jelix and want to ask questions about its features, or more generally to discuss about Jelix, enter in this forum.
26 Messages
13 Threads
Last message 11/20/2017 21:24:59 by laurentj

Jelix: installation Jelix: installation

Here, all questions about the installation of Jelix
1 Messages
1 Threads
Last message No message

Jelix: use and development Jelix: use and development

This forums is dedicated to all questions about how to use Jelix, how to use all components of Jelix (jDao, jForms, jDb, jEvents, jSelector, jLocale, jTpl ...)
38 Messages
21 Threads
Last message 01/03/2021 12:06:49 by laurentj

Jelix: contributions and improvements Jelix: contributions and improvements

All discussions about enhancements in Jelix, about the future of Jelix, about your contributions...
14 Messages
7 Threads
Last message 08/24/2011 15:10:09 by laurentj

Other projects Other projects

All discussions about projects which are hosted in the forge (forge.jelix.org), and about projects related to jelix : jBuildTools, jTpl standalone ...
11 Messages
3 Threads
Last message 10/21/2010 19:10:35 by laurentj

Others topics Others topics

Questions or remarks about the documentation, the website, about PHP etc...
2 Messages
4 Threads
Last message 03/31/2019 14:18:39 by aydarazavi
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