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Dev news #3

04/25/2008, Jelix Team.

A month after the last news on developments, it's the time to inform you about latest improvements on the future 1.1 version.

  • Sylvain has developed the support of SOAP in Jelix. Developping SOAP web services is now really easy !
  • Julien has made improvements on jLocale and fixed a bug on the support of the readonly attribute in jForms.
  • Florian has fixed a bug on jDateTime::durationTo()
  • Laurent continued to work on jForms:
    • new <captcha> tag, to add a captcha in a form
    • new <htmleditor> tag, to have a wysiwyg html editor in a form. By default, jForms uses Wymeditor, but you can use any other editors
    • possibility to deactivate some fields, and possibility to know which field have been changed
    • we can know indicate an argument to a dao method used as a datasource on some controls (menulist, listbox etc)
  • New API jAcl2, better and more simple then jAcl, and a new module jacl2_admin is include to manage rights with a HTML interface.
  • Philippe has developped a template plugin: cycle.
  • Christophe has fixed few errors in junittests module, and in the jCmdUtils class.
  • Bastien has developped a new method jFormsBase::prepareDaoFromControls.
  • Warren has improved the <script /> tags generation in jResponseHtml.
  • Kevin has improved his image plugin, and has developed new plugin to integrate flash content in HTML pages, and a plugin to manage history of a visit (ticket 507).

Kevin is the nineth developer to have commit access on the repository. Welcome to Kévin in the Jelix team !