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Jelix 1.1RC1 is available !

12/08/2008, Jelix Team.

The first release candidate of Jelix 1.1 is available.

All new features in 1.1RC1 are now polished and tested ! It is a great time to adopt it. Or if you have an application based on a previous version, migrate it.

But straight to the matter, jelix 1.1RC1 provides numerous new features.

jForms has seen a huge overhaul in 1.1:

  • new controls: captcha, hidden field, group, advanced choice, html editor, date picker..
  • dynamic modification of a form : you can add, remove, activate, deactivate controls.
  • possibility to know what are the modified values
  • integration and use of jquery
  • output generators become plug-ins, so you can create/customize "easily" your own output format
  • ...

jAcl2, a new rights management system appears. it is a complete rewrite and is a lot easier than jAcl. A jAcl2 module is also provided.

jTpl for Jelix version 1.0 is included in this release. Some enhancements have been completed:

  • support dynamic declaration of modifiers and functions
  • support of multi-line tags
  • new plug-ins : cycle, flash, breadcrumb, link_to_remote, number_format, const, jmessage, jimage, ifctrl

And among others :

  • SOAP support
  • new "htmlfragment" response for ajax response in HTML
  • new url engine "basic_significant"
  • new classes jIniModifier, jHttp, jMessage, jImageModifier
  • jDuration (for jDateTime)

For a complete list of changes, see the [changelog|/articles/en/changelog/1.1].

This is the last release before Jelix 1.1. No more features will be included between now and the official 1.1 version. Only reported bugs and nits will be fixed from now on.

We need your feedbacks. We need your bug reports. To make the best Jelix ever !

Note : If you want to migrate your application from Jelix 1.0 to Jelix 1.1, read carefully our doc around migration. The manual for Jelix 1.1 is not finished yet. We're going to work hard to provide a complete manual for the final release of Jelix 1.1.