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Jelix news - 2011-09-03

09/16/2011, Laurent.

Since the last week-end, we have a new server, rented by the Innophi company, with more resources (memory, hard disk and processor).

This week, we then began to configure the machine, et to migrate some services to it, like planet.jelix.org and download.jelix.org. The main web site will be transfered later the next week.

You should note that we don't use anymore the page about Jelix on developer.berlios.de, our first project hosting. So downloads won't be there anymore, but only on download.jelix.org. We do not want to scatter our resources. It will also facilitate the publishing of new releases.

During the configuration of the new machine, the current server decided to protest last Tuesday. Its file system failed down and the reboot of the machine needed to access to a console, a thing we couldn't do at first time. This is why the web site was inaccessible during several hours. Thanks to Bastien Jaillot (an historical contributor to Jelix), who host this server and who repaired everything. And apologies to you for these inconvenience.

During this week, Olivier (aka Foxmask) and Florian LB have been finished the development of a new web site for Jelix, which will be available in few days we hope. This website will allow to reference and to search all modules, plugins and applications for Jelix. You could boost your developments !

Finally, the documentation about authentification and CRUD controllers has been improved. In the code side, some improvements have been made into the integration of PHPUnit into Jelix for your applications.

Don't hesitate to test Jelix 1.3RC2, we're waiting after your feedback before the final release!