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Jelix news - 2011-10-03

10/04/2011, Jelix team.

Already one month since our last "jelix news" ! The time flies too quickly :-)

So, these last weeks, we had finished to install our new server, et we had migrated the main web site and other services. The old server still host the bug tracker. We don't know yet if we keep Trac, or if we migrate tickets to Github.

You may know that we opened our new famous project, booster.jelix.org, which references existing modules and plugins developped by the community. Don't hesitate to register your's.

During this time, a new design for the homepage (and propably for the entire web site) is in development.

And today, we released Jelix 1.2.6, which fixes some bugs and regressions. We released also the last release candidate of Jelix 1.3. Some users did report issues to us, via the forum or IRC, thanks to them!

In these two releases, we improved the update system, which allow to create script that can be used for cross-branches update of a project.