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Release of Jelix 1.6.14

02/15/2017, Laurent.

The use of a code inspector helped us to fix numbers of typo and potential minor bugs, in several components like jForms, jDb etc..

A bug has also been fixed for the compatibility with PHP 7.1.

Plugins named "redis" for jCache and jKvDb have been renamed to "redis_php", and the PHP library used by them, Php5Redis, has been upgraded to avoid a conflict with classes of the PHP extension Redis. Moreover, a new plugin for jCache and jKvDb, "redis_ext", has been integrated: it relies on the API of this extension.

The Captcha control of jForms is now configurable. It is possible from now to any Captcha solutions. The "simple" solution implemented since the beginning of jForms is still there and is the default one. The support of ReCaptcha (from google) has been integrated.