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Translating the manual

The manual is stored in Github repository (https://github.com/jelix/jelix-manual-en ), and its content is readed directly by our application on http://docs.jelix.org. The content is some pages written in a wiki language, inherited from the dokuwiki syntax.

To create a manual in an other language, create a new repository somewhere (github is a good idea). And create some files following same hierarchy as the original manual, and with translated contents and following the Dokuwiki syntax.

However, there are few things to know, in order to produce a good manual and to respect conventions.

The main page of the manual

First, there is an important page of the manual: the table of content. The goal of this page is to list all wiki pages which are parts of the manual, the hierarchy and the order of these pages. For that, we use specific tags: <bookcontents>

Why this plugin? It saved the list of these pages in a file, and it then allows:

  • to generate automatically a navigation bar for the manual, on each wiki page of the manual
  • to generate a PDF version each night. On our server, we have a script which look at this list, read all wiki pages, and include all of their contents in a PDF file. Later, we will have other scripts to generate static HTML pages etc..

In this main page of the manual, you have others tags: <bookinfo>, <booklegalnotice>,<bookpagelegalnotice>, which contain informations used for the PDF manual or the navigation bar.

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