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Press release for the release of Jelix 1.0. (10 january 2008)

Release of Jelix 1.0

After two years of development, the first official stable version of Jelix is available. Jelix framework is a free software (LGPL), extensible, modular and made for PHP 5. It has already demonstrated robustness and performance. Indeed, it is used for many months at several web sites in production, including some huge loaded french web sites.

This fully object-oriented framework offers many aspects of modern technology: MVC pattern, a library for Object Relationnal Mapping (ORM), authentication, rights management, localization, a light and powerful template engine, a framework for unit testing. It supports also many output formats and various types of web services, and so on.

Its originality lies particularly in its simple and powerful form system, its automatic urls, its events system between modules, but also in its robust management of technical errors. It has also the possibility to “overload” existant module files. However, although it has many possibilities, Jelix is designed in mind with the constant worry of simplicity and performance.

Jelix is available in three editions (free of course): “developer”, “optimized” and “gold”. The first is very helpful in the development phase of your projects, the other two are optimized for the production servers. It is also possible to build your own edition optimized for your specific server configuration.

Discover and download Jelix on http://jelix.org. Join our opened community !

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