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First beta of Jelix 1.1

09/28/2008, Laurent.

The first beta of Jelix 1.1 is available. This is time for you to test all new features !

First, there are numerous new features in jForms:

  • new controls: captcha, hidden field, group, advanced choice, html editor..
  • dynamic modification of a form : you can add, remove, activate, deactivate controls.
  • possibility to know what are the modified values
  • integration and use of jquery
  • output generator are now plugins, so you can create "easily" your own output format

This beta include also a new version of the rights system, jAcl2, which is easier to use than jAcl. A module is also provided to manage rights.

Other new features:

  • the SOAP support
  • the new htmlfragment response for ajax response in HTML
  • the new url engine basic_significant
  • the new plugins for the template engine
  • the new classes: jIniModifier, jHttp, jMessage, jDuration (for jDateTime)...

Don't hesitate to give us feedback about bugs, needed improvements etc..

If you want to migrate your application from Jelix 1.0 to Jelix 1.1, read carefully the changelog to know what to do for this migration.

A second beta is planed, but perhaps it will be replaced directly by a release candidate of Jelix 1.1. We don't know yet.