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  [Opened] Error handling

newbie question:

I am developing an application with jelix but I would like mode information about some errors in my code. I set (in defaultconfig.ini.php):

 use_error_handler = on
 messageLogFormat = "%date%\t[%code%]\t%msg%\t%file%\t%line%\n"
 logFile = error.log
 email = root@localhost
 default      = TRACE EXIT
 error        = TRACE EXIT

But nothing special happens; only the usual "Fatal error: Call to a member ..." appears.

  [Opened] Re: Error handling


the version 1.2 fix these kind of thing.

However, with the current stable release, you can have details in log files. so to see the stack traces, add the LOGFILE keyword. then you will have all details in the var/log/error.log file. If you are under mac or linux, you can open a console, and run the command tail -f error.log , so you will see all details in realtime smile

  [Opened] Re: Error handling

or open the log file with notepad++ which, when a file is modified in liev, ask you to reload it

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